Annual and New Employee Assessment
Services offered include:
-Nursing review of completed health history.
-Provision of indicated vaccinations, screening tests, or functionality testing to include:  Pulmonary Function, Audiometry, Electrocardiogram (EKG), Stress Testing, and Physical Ability Testing.
-Referral for further evaluation as necessary.
-Notification to employer of work status if indicated.
-Secure retention of medical record.

On-Site Employee Physicals
-Convenient, cost effective.
-UVA-WorkMed clinical staff comprised of a Nurse and Physician or Nurse Practitioner conduct assessments at your place of business.
-We bring the clinic to you.
-Services can be tailored to employer needs. Minimum 8 physicals necessary in order to qualify for this service. 

Immunizations and Clinical Laboratory Tests
-Immunizations include: Hepatitis A & B, Influenza, Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Chicken Pox, Rabies, & Tetanus.  Other immunizations are available based upon employer/ employee need.
-Laboratory Tests include: Titers, Cholesterol, PSA's, Complete Blood Profiles, Comprehensive Metabolic Panels, Heavy Metal Levels, HIV Testing, Liver Function, & Glucose.  Additional testing is available based upon employer/ employee need.

Worker's Compensation injury evaluation and care
Services offered include:
-Completion of injury/illness report and choice from panel of physicians
-Medical evaluation and examination.
-Written communication of work restrictions and follow-up appointment date.
-Referral for specialized evaluation or additional treatment as necessary,  
  with follow-up instructions.
-Timely transfer of documentation information to Worker's Compensation
  management team.
-Secure retention of medical record.

Alcohol/Drug Testing with Medical Review Officer Services
Services offered include: 
-Completion of identification check and forms as indicated.
-Collection and labeling of urine specimen-pre hire, random, post-accident, DOT/non DOT.
-Performance of breath alcohol testing as indicated.
-Appropriate reporting of laboratory results.
-Medical Review Officer (MRO) Services.
-Coordination of services with Faculty and Employee . 
-Assistance Program (FEAP) when necessary.
-Secure retention of medical records.
-24 hour on call Drug and Alcohol Testing Services.

 Animal Research Medical Evaluation
Services offered include:
-Nursing review of completed questionnaire.
-Clinical evaluation for any problems and needs identified.
-Further evaluation as indicated for use of protective 
-Notification to employer, via computer program, of work status.
-Secure retention of medical record.

Blood and Body Fluid/ Infectious Disease/ Environmental Exposure Evaluation
Services offered include:
-Nursing evaluation of exposure: Physician evaluation based upon severity of symptoms, prophylaxis administration if indicated.
-Laboratory baseline screening:  Toxicology consultation if needed. 
-Notification of appropriate evaluating agency.
-Referral to Primary Care Physician and counseling regarding exposure risk and future prevention.
-Follow-up laboratory screening.
-Employer notification of work status and secure retention of employee medical record.

Fitness for Duty
Services offered include:
-Physician review of medical history and therapies with employee.
-Physical examination as indicated.
-Physician collection and review of work recommendations from primary care
-Written communication of work recommendations to employer and employee.
-Secure retention of medical record.

Health and Wellness Coaching
This preventative UVA-WorkMed initiative is provided to individuals and groups. Coaching builds on the relationship we have with individual clients or those who participate in a physician physical, biometric screening, Hoo's Well programs, or one of our physician directed occupational health services.  The coaching program seeks to educate, address health concerns and build the bridge between knowing what needs to happen in order to achieve higher levels of physical and mental well-being—and accomplishing it.

                 You can reach us at 434-243-0075