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Animal Protocol - Renewal

Links to Forms

OSHA Respiratory Questionnaire
Smallpox Declination Form


Instructions For Completing the Research Related Health Assessment:

1. Go to: https://researchcompliance.web.virginia.edu/acuc/animalhandlersoncampus/data/animal_handler_profile_data.cfm (Net Badge login required)

2. Find and use the 'Click Here To Continue' link.

3. Find and use the 'Get Occupational Health Form' button.

4. Read the 'Research Related Medical Health Assessment' page and follow the prompts/instructions. 

If you are directed to schedule your occupational health evaluation appointment:.

Employees:  Call UVA-WorkMed at 243-0075 to make an appointment for your evaluation.

Phone: 243-0075 or E-mail: uvaworkmed@virginia.edu

Location: 1910 Arlington Blvd.

Students: Call Student Health to make an appointment for your evaluation.
Phone: 982-3915.

Location: Elson Student Health Building (Corner of JPA & Brandon Ave.)  


Bring the health form with you to your appointment. 


Frequently asked questions regarding UVa's Research Related Medical Health Assessment Program can be found at the URL below (Net Badge login required): https://researchcompliance.web.virginia.edu/acuc/animalhandlersoncampus/data/Medical_Surveillance/faq.html