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Adding HP Printers in macOS

To add Health System HP printers first download the software pack. This will add everything necessary to your Mac and allow you to install the individual printers as needed. The initial download and installation may take several minutes to complete. After  installing the software pack adding printers will take just seconds. 
Please note: Your device will need to be on hscs-wireless provided by Self Service or have established a VPN connection to print to Health System printers.

Open the Printers tab on the right hand side of the Self Service App.






Choose the very first option HP Software Pack. Click Install.




To add individual printers use the search box at the top right corner of the Self Service app. Type in the printer name and hit enter. Printer names are normally found physically labeled on the printer itself.

Search will return and display your printer. Simply click Install to add the printer to your Mac.


Click the Self Service icon in the left hand corner of this screen to return.