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Nipple Discharge Cytology

CPT CODE: 88160

SYNONYMS: Breast discharge cytology, nipple secretions

TEST INCLUDES: Staining of prepared slides with cytologic evaluation.


SPECIMEN REQUIREMENT: At least one labeled slide containing expressed discharge material immediately wet-fixed in 95% ethyl alcohol.

TESTING SCHEDULE: Monday - Friday 08:30 - 15:30.  Turnaround time: 2 working days.

SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS: Gently massage the breast. When secretions occur, allow a small drop to accumulate on the nipple. Press the slide against the nipple to spread the drop. Immediately immerse the slide in 95% ethyl alcohol. Do not allow material to air dry. Make as many smears as secretions allow (maximum 10 slides). Slides must be labeled with patient's name at the collection site.