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Ciliary Motility Studies Cytology

CPT CODE: 88104

SYNONYMS: Kinetic studies for nasal cilia

TEST INCLUDES: Wet preparation evaluation of nasal cells for evidence of ciliary motility.


SPECIMEN REQUIREMENT: Brushing of the nasal turbinate in a 15 Ml centrifuge tube containing RPMI fluid (preferred) or saline.  Label the tube with patient’s name and medical record number.  Complete the Epic Request Form with required information.

TESTING SCHEDULE: Monday - Friday 08:00 - 15:00. Turnaround Time: 1 working day.

SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS: Notify the Cytology Laboratory (4-2770) the day prior to the procedure.  Please allow 1 inch of wire for handling in the laboratory.  Deliver the container with the specimen and the request form to the Cytology Laboratory in person for immediate processing and evaluation during the testing schedule hours noted above.  Specimens can be transported in an insulated container containing ice or an ice pack BUT NOT dry ice. Specimen must be insulated from the ice to prevent freezing. Electron microscopic studies can be added by request.

REFERENCE INTERVAL: Normal motility.