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Bronchial Biopsy Cytology

CPT CODE: 88112, 88305, 88312, 88313

SYNONYMS: Transbronchial biopsy, endobronchial biopsy.

TEST INCLUDES: Specimen preparation and cytologic evaluation, special stains on request


SPECIMEN REQUIREMENT: Fresh tissue fragment(s) in black top tube containing saline or other balanced electrolyte solution.

TESTING SCHEDULE: Monday - Friday 08:00 - 15:30. Turnaround time: 2 working days. (For exceptions, see Cytology Lab Introductory Section)

SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS: Do not add formalin to specimen except in cases requesting same day processing. Send to lab immediately. Specify site of origin on request form. FOR DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS, REFER TO CYTOLOGY LAB INTRODUCTORY SECTION.

REFERENCE INTERVAL: Normal cells, absence of organisms.