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Anal Brushings

CPT CODE: 88112


TEST INCLUDES: Specimen preparation and cytologic evaluation. High-risk HPV testing is available on residual material by special request.

SPECIMEN REQUIREMENT: Cellular material with or without the collection brush in appropriately labeled ThinPrep Preservcyt vial.

TESTING SCHEDULE: Monday - Friday 08:00 - 15:30, turnaround time 2 working days.

SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS: Sample the entire anal canal, including the transformation zone up to the distal rectum. Insert a water-moistened Dacron swab or cytobrush into the canal about 5-6 cm above the anal verge and into the distal rectum. Using the external anal sphincter as a fulcrum, rotate the swab in a cone-shaped arc, applying pressure to the canal walls as the device is withdrawn. Rinse the material into the Preservcyt vial by agitating the swab or brush several times in the solution. Preservcyt vials are obtained directly from the Cytology Laboratory.