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Net Learning Tip Sheet for BLS Online Course for UVA Employees

Net Learning BLS Tips/Resolutions to FAQs

 The following tips are to provided and assist UVA Health System employees in completing the recently added AHA BLS HeartCode part 1 CBL in Net Learning:   

Technical Requirements for this course:

Operating systems:

  • Windows XP+
  • Mac OSX 10.10+
  • iOS 8+
  • Android 4.4+


  • Internet Explorer 9+
  • Chrome (recommended)
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Mobile Safari
  • Mobile Chrome


  • Flash version 16 or above is required

*Mobile devices with screens smaller than 7 inches are not supported
*Please refer to our Technical Requirements for specifics for this website.


Help Troubleshooting Tips

Recommended Settings

How to change your settings

Javascript must be enabled

To enable JavaScript in Microsoft Internet   Explorer, perform the following steps:

  1.   From the Tools menu, click   Internet Options
  2.   From the Security tab, click   Custom Level
  3.   Scroll to Scripting of Java   applets, click to select enabled. Click OK
  4.   Relaunch your browser

In Mozilla Firefox (versions 2 and 3):

  1.   Click the Tools menu
  2.   Select Options
  3.   Click the Contents tab
  4.   Select the Enable   JavaScript checkbox
  5.   Click the OK button

In Apple Safari (versions 2 and 3):

  1.   Mac OS X users: click the Safari menu
      Windows users: click either the Edit menu or the Safari   settings button
  2.   Select Preferences
  3.   Click the Security tab
  4.   Select the Enable   JavaScript checkbox

Browser must be set to accept   cookies

In Internet Explorer, go to Tools   - Internet Options. Click on the Privacy tab and set Privacy Setting to Medium. In Mozilla Firefox, go to Tools - Options. Check the box to Allow   Sites to Set Cookies under the cookies section.

Browser must be set to check for   newer versions of stored pages

In Internet Explorer, go to Tools   - Internet Options. Click on the Settings button and set Check for Newer   Versions of Stored Pages to "Every Visit to the Page". In Mozilla   Firefox, type about:config in the address box and hit enter. Scoll down to   browser.cache.check_doc_frequency, right click to modify and change frequency   to 1.

Your Pop-up Blocker Disabled

  1.   Open Internet Explorer
  2.   Click on Tools, mouse over Pop-up   Blocker, and click on Turn Off Pop-up Blocker (if the option says turn on   Pop-up blocker, then disregard)
  3.   The Pop-Up Blocker will now be   turned off

Privacy Service Settings:

For Users with McAfee Security Center. You must add our   site to your "Allowed Web Sites" and "Accept Cookies Web   Sites".

  1.   Open McAfee Security Center
  2.   Click on Privacy Service,   Configure Privacy Service Options
  3.   Choose the "Allowed   List" tab and type www.onlineAHA.org in the URL text box
  4.   Choose the "Cookies" tab   and type www.onlineAHA.org in the URL text box

 How to remove the AHA BLS HeartCode Part 1 from Net Learning once you have completed the course:

  In order for the CBL (Part 1) to disappear from the employee’s “To Do” list in Net Learning, the course evaluation must be completed and the course must be properly closed. 

To properly close the course, follow the directions on the screen, (close this window, wait on the new window to say, “OK to close”), and then close the window.

You will not get the completion when you click “Save score” button in my Net Learning.  After closing the course window, you will also need to close the security window.  Answer YES, to the question, “Do you want to display the non-secure items?” Close this window and the CBL should move to your completions list in NL, NOTE: if answering YES does not work then re-open the course and this time answer NO. This is due to the medical centers security processes and we are unable to determine which security window will open on the PC you are using.