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Mock Code Train-the-Trainer

What Is It?

Mock Code Train-the-Trainer is a program in which we teach staff from inpatient and ambulatory care areas how to run a mock code.  At the end of our 90-minute class, the participants will be able to run a "first five minutes" mock code for staff in their area, focusing on:

Recognition of the code

Calling for additional help

Starting high-quality chest compressions

Using the Zoll R-series in AED mode or the Zoll AED3


Who Should I Contact?

If you have already been in the program, and would like to reserve equipment to run a mock code, use our online form. For the Instructor Number, use "1" as this is not an AHA course.

If you have any problems, contact:  Stephanie Black, 924-1765, or Alice Offield, 982-1766, Monday through Friday, 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM, or email  LSLC@hscmail.mcc.virginia.edu.


If you would like to take part in the program, contact one of the following people:

, Resuscitation Coordinator

, Medical Emergency Education Coordinator

 We have scheduled Mock Code Train-the-Trainer sessions for the following days/times here in the Life Support Learning Center.  Click on a link to register:

Due to the changeover to the Zoll monitor/defibrillators, while we determine the best and safest method to continue mock codes, we will not offer new Mock Code Train-the-Trainer sessions until after January 1.

If you have 4-8 people from your area, we can create a custom session for you.



When you run a mock code, please fill out our quick data collection form here (it's five questions).  Thanks!



Refresher video (8 1/2 min.):  how to run a mock code

(for people who have already been in the program)