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New Travel Guidance for UVA Health Team Members

COVID-19 has been identified globally. To decrease the introduction of new cases of COVID-19 into Team Members' residential community or workplace, to promote the health of UVA Health employees, and to encourage adherence to social distancing principles, non-essential travel during the COVID-19 pandemic is strongly discouraged. 

Planning to Travel?

Employee Health is available to discuss details as needed but the decision to travel is ultimately up to the employee. Employees are expected to demonstrate the highest levels of professionalism in weighing the risks and benefits of travel. Not withstanding the foregoing, this mandate shall not apply to any UVA Health employees who are teleworking from home before and after traveling, and/or any UVA Health employees who must quarantine pursuant to this mandate but are able, job-permitting, to convert to telework for those 14 days. 

The Travel Guidelines are based on risk assessment. The assessment of risk may change with changing epidemiology. All new and current employees are expected to follow the following risk assessment steps prior to travel:

Pre-Travel Steps:

  • The employee is instructed to review online material on the UVA Health COVID-19 Resources Page at the Team Member Travel link: Team Member Travel Information Page The material includes: Travel Guideline SBAR, Travel FAQ, and the Pre-Travel Form.
  • The employee should then complete the Pre-Travel Form available at that site and bring it to their manager.

  •  If they employee still has questions about the risk of their planned travel, they may call Employee Health (4-2013, M-F, 8am-4pm). Due to the potential for travel plans to change, Employee Health staff will not be able to make a final determination about the need for unpaid leave after return but will offer general guidance on risk based on the travel plans.


UVA Health employees are expected to inform their supervisor prior to travel. The UVA Health Travel Form  is to be used for this purpose.

Post Travel Steps:

If the travel may qualify as high risk based on the risk assessment, the employee must call Employee Health (4-2013, M-F, 8am-4pm) upon return to determine the need for unpaid leave. Unpaid leave is 14 days from the date of leaving a high risk location/activity.

                                  When to Contact Employee Health:

Additionally, employees are expected to contact Employee Health (M-F, 0800-16:00, 4-2013) to be screened, only if they have traveled to/from an area where the COVID Rate is > 10 cases/100,000 AND participated in a group activity with > 10 individuals or any travel to another healthcare facility to provide direct COVID care.

                                         REMEMBER TO PRACTICE SOCIAL DISTANCING and WEAR A MASK

                                                              Global Epidemics - Travel Page 

 If someone has traveled to another healthcare facility to provide direct COVID management, then 14 day unpaid leave is indicated



COVID-19 Temporary Exemption Request

click on link below to access temporary request form   

COVID-19 Temporary Exemption Form  


Complete and Return Exemption Request Form to Employee Health  


 Employee Health & Same Day Clinic Hours are Changing May 4, 2020

Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Location: 1222 JPA 1st Floor, Charlottesville, VA 22903

Phone: 434-924-2013






UVA WorkMed web link:























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