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Red Book

The Red Book (Emergency Procedures) is a reference manual used by Team Members during emergency events. It contains emergency contact information and basic response procedures. All Team Members are required to be familiar with its location, contents, layout, and when it is to be used.

URGENT: Be sure to view the correct book for your area!

Red Books

University Hospital (see map below)

Medical Center Complex (see map below)

  • Battle Building
  • Education Resource Center
  • Hospital Link
  • Primary Care Center (PCC)
  • Primacy Care Center Annex
  • West Complex (including SOM locations within the West Complex)
  • 1222 Building
  • All non-dialysis Medical Center locations not part of University Hospital or Medical Center Complex (eg: Fontaine, Northridge, Pantops, Orange, Louisa, etc.)

Transitional Care Hospital (TCH)

Red Book Location Map

Fire Plan Addendum (Out-Patient Areas That Shelter-In Place)

Floor Plans/Maps (Required Only In These Areas)

  • University Hospital
  • Transitional Care Hospital
  • Emily Couric Clinical Cancer Center
  • 500 Monroe Lane
  • 500 Ray C. Hunt Drive
  • Battle Building

Red Book Spine Insert


For assistance with your Red Book, please contact: