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Nursing Education Coordinator (NEC)

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NEC CommitteeCompetency Information | Required Competencies | Competency Process | Competency Forms | Orientation Audit Tool | Unit-based Continuing Education Resources| Learning Management System (LMS) | NEC ResourcesCBL Development

NEC Committee Information

  • NEC meetings:
    • Held the first Wednesday of each month.   Please contact NEC Committee Chair for additional information.
    • Operational Guidelines <Pending Professional Development Committee Approval>>
  • NEC distribution list - the NEC distribution group is listed in the Outlook address book as "CL Nursing Educational Coordinator." All NECs can send an e-mail to the distribution list.
  • NEC Collab Site - Access to the site is arranged by the NEC Committee Chair.  
  • NEC Shared 0 drive folder - Access to the NEC folder on the 0 drive is granted by the NEC Committee Chair.  File path: O:\NEC
  • Orientation to NEC Role:

Competency Information:

  • Required Competencies (all staff):
  • Competency year follows UVA’s fiscal calendar: From July 1st to June 30th. Most mandatory or unit-specific competencies are due by June 30th. Except…
    • New Major Medical or Device Implementations:
      • Can occur anytime throughout the year.
      • Have their own specific due dates that must be met by all involved staff
      • Are announced centrally via the "Supply Update" e-mail (if > or equal to 3 units) or per unit leadership for unit-specific devices/supplies (< or equal to 2 units).
      • Super-trainers (ST) are needed for the more complex or high risk devices.  Unit leadership identifies staff for the role.  STs need to attend additional training.
      • NEC coordinates with unit leadership/manager to ensure all staff complete these competencies smoothly and in time.   For large new medical device initiatives, compliance will be monitored centrally.  Example: IV pump & GE Monitor
  • Competency Process:
    • Frequently, the competency process begins with a “Competency Verification Record (CVR):”
      • Purpose: Lists the steps needed to demonstrate competency
      • Completed and signed by a super-trainer
      • Can be edited from a blank form to meet your unit’s specific new competency needs.
      • Will be provided by NPDS for any new or standard competencies
    • Once completed, staff members will return form to a competency file/binder for NEC review.
      • NEC reviews and then documents on the ACR.
      • Once documented in the ACR, the original CVR does not need to be kept in the employee’s file.
      • Recommend returning to employee as a reference sheet.

 Competency Forms:

  • The following forms are found on the O drive in the following folder path:  O:\HSHRJOB_OCAE
    • Annual Competency Record (blank)
    • Competency File Audit Checklist
      • The best guide is to make sure competency files are Joint Commission ready at any given time.
      • Each employee has a file, where stored varies by unit per manager.
      • HR updates this checklist about every 2 years. We recommend NECs review their files annually at any time and before Joint Commission visits.
  • The following items are found in Workday
    • Orientation Competency Assessment (OCA) form
    • Regional Competency Assessment (RCA) form (nurses only)
    • Department Specific Competency (DSC) form (nurses only)
  • Competency Verification Record (CVR) vs. Annual Competency Record (ACR)
    • CVR vs. ACR Pictorial Guide
    • ACR
      • Each unit uses the ACR template from NPDS to create their own ACR which will contain unit-specific competencies.  The NPDS template is updated each year.
      • See Competency page for ACR Template and instructions on how to select competencies
      • The items on the ACR need to be signed off by June 30th each year.
      • Kept in employee competency file for duration of employment
    • CVRs
      •  Instructions: 
        • This form is not a required part of the permanent personnel record. It is to be used as a guide for competency check off only; the Annual Competency Record is used to document the competency. Each CVR has the competency statement that should be used on the ACR.  Read directions on top of each CVR for more information.
        • Successful completion of the CVR is documented on the ACR or New Hire Competency Record using the competency statement provided on top of each CVR
        • If completed outside the unit, the completed CVR will be presented to the unit-based NEC or manager as evidence of competency.
      • A CVR Repository is provided at the bottom of the NPD Services Competency page.  

Orientation Audit Tool

Unit-based Continuing Education Resources

Learning Management System (LMS) - NetLearning

NEC Resources & Continuing Education