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Preceptor Resources

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Preceptor Resources



Teaching Resources

Journal Articles/Electronic Books

Preceptor Essentials Class Pre-work Articles

Health Sciences Library resources

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Career Pathways

Preceptor Education

Annual Required Preceptor Development Options (approved)

Approved on-line Modules

    • CE Direct Online modules:  Select from a list of 48 modules that can count towards meeting the 4 hour annual preceptor continuing education requirement.   Completion of more than one module may be needed.   

      • A CE Direct seat is needed to access to the modules.  If you do not currently have a CE Direct seat, complete the CE Direct Seat Request to obtain one. 

Approved Classes: (enroll via NetLearning)

Preceptor Essentials: Day 1 & 2  (class)

      • Provided by Nursing Professional Development Services.  New preceptors need to attend this class prior to precepting.   This program will provide 16 hours of education of which 12 hours of will be live classes and 4 hours self-study and pre-work.

Preceptor Booster Classes - four hour classes that meet the 4 hour annual education requirement per the Preceptor Standards policy. Use key search word "Booster" to find classes.   

      • Bridging the Generation Gap
      • Challenging Orientee Strategies 
      • Clinical Practice Pearls - this will be a four hour course beginning in the Fall of 2019
        • From September 2018 to May 2019 this was a one hour course; completion of four classes were required to meet the four hour annual preceptor requirement. 
      • Enhancing Critical Thinking     
      • Perplexing Orientee Issues            

Approved UVA HR Talent Development Team class list *** The classes listed below are the only HR Talent Development  classes that can be used to meet the annual preceptor development requirement.

      • Building Accountability 
      • Bridging the Generation Gap
      • Decision Making
      • Emotional Intelligence
      • Giving and Receiving Feedback
      • Healthy Dialogue
      • Managing Conflict
      • Multicultural Fluency
      • The Pursuit of Trust
      • Time Management

*** Attending two classes fulfills the 4 hour annual requirement for preceptors.     

Other Education Options (These are not approved for use in meeting the Annual Preceptor Education Requirement)

On-line Modules

    • CBLs
      • Adult Learning Theory
      • Adult Learning Methods
      • Communication – many modules on this topic
      • Conflict Management – many modules on this topic
    • Preceptor Tool Kit by Michigan Center for Nursing Course       


  • "The Effective Nurse Preceptor Handbook: Your Guide to Success"(2nd Edition) by Diana Swihart
    • When you attend the Preceptor Essentials class, this handbook will be given to you. Also available in hard copy from the Health Sciences Library
  • "Fast Facts for the Nurse Preceptor: Keys to Providing a Successful Preceptorship in a Nutshell" by Maggie Ciocco


  • Crucial Conversations 
  •  Leadership Excellence   Learn the skills you need to lead as an individual. UVA Center for Leadership Excellence offers the resources you need to succeed in your career.