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 PCA Orientation

PCA Orientation Written Competency Test

PCA Tech Skills Validation

PCT (Patient Care Technician) Education Program

PCA-PCT HoosNews Newsletter


The PCT Education Program provides an avenue for (non nursing student) PCAs to deepen existing patient care skills and develop additional skills to support the RN when caring for the patient at the bedside. The 7 week long program is offered quarterly, with one 4-hour class per week.

Module 1: A Culture of Excellence 


 Module 2: Mobility, Transfers, Falls, Injury Prevention, and Infection Control 

Module 3: Skin, Wound and Ostomy Care 

Module 4: Nutritional Care, The PCT Role and the Advanced Communication Skills

Module 5: Urinary Care and Giving and Receiving Feedback

Module 6: Change of Patient Condition