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Nursing Initiative Proposal Submission Form

Any major change can disrupt normal operations, and implementing multiple simultaneous changes can be overwhelming to staff, potentially reducing the success of the intended changes.

To avoid this disruption and coordinate appropriate implementation of major changes, effective February 2014, the PNSO Management Committee must approve major proposed change-initiatives prior to implementation. The committee's review validates the evidence-based rationale and impact assessment for the change, and ensures a sustainable "Plan-Do-Study-Act" change process, with due consideration for the context of other changes which may be underway.

"Major changes" are those which impact multiple practice settings, affecting Nursing or nursing support staff, especially if the initiative would require time for staff education, altering workflows, or changing technology/systems. Such proposals are likely to be generated through the discussions of other PNSO committees and organization-wide improvement efforts, such as the PNSO Clinical Practice Committee, Q17 workgroups, New Medical Device Committee, Patient Care Committee, etc.

The review process is not intended to introduce barriers to expedited improvement, nor to second-guess the decision making authority of the shared governance groups whose entire purpose is to drive these improvements. Rather, this review structure is intended to support a sustainable pace for change, coordinated with the Managers whose units are affected, and to keep urgent short-notice changes appropriately limited to emergencies. Your flexibility and understanding are appreciated, and advance planning is strongly encouraged.

The Proposal Process:

  • Review the full Patient Care Services Policy A19: Approval Policy & Process for Proposed Nursing Initiatives. You may also find it helpful to review the current Nursing Calendar, as context for your initiative's timeframe.
  • Use the form below to submit your proposal.
  • You should automatically receive a copy of what you submitted via email; keep this emailed copy for your records. (example of what it looks like)
  • A Management Committee reviewer will reply to discuss the details and next steps for your proposal. Next steps may include working together with Nursing Professional Development Services to develop more detailed Educational Planning, if appropriate for your initiative. Note: a 4-6 week lead time is preferred for Nursing Professional Development Services to assist with educational needs.
Key Drivers of Initiative:   Does the initiative support any of the following goals? Pick all that apply.
Nursing Departments Impacted:   Pick any/all of the regions impacted by this initiative. This assumes that the change is major enough to affect an entire region; if specific to a subset of units, please describe below.
PROPOSED EDUCATION PLAN: Use the fields below to describe your basic education plans to support the proposed change. If more detailed educational planning is needed, your designated Nursing Education/Management Committee Liaison will help you develop that as a later follow-up step.
Learner Population:   Who needs to be educated about the change? Pick all that apply.
Requesting NPDS involvement in planning or delivering education?   Nursing Professional Development Services will oversee all proposed Education Plans for initiatives, to promote a unified educational approach housewide. In many cases, submitters will also request help from NPDS in developing educational materials, arranging logistics, and instructing learners about the change. Providing the information below helps identify the scale of NPDS involvement needed. NPDS staff will then follow up with you to develop detailed plans. Be aware that generally, education planning should take place at least a month in advance of the actual educational event.
Education/Training Delivery Method anticipated:   Check all that apply. If "other", describe below.

Review your entries and when ready, click the "Submit" button to complete your form.
Questions about this form? Email the .