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Ordering a Screening Mammogram

Orders entered into the University of Virginia's Epic EMR are available for UVA Imaging.

UVA Imaging also accepts orders on any legal order form; however, please do not fax orders written on a prescription pad as faxing will raise the void watermark invalidating the order.

Scheduling & Location

UVA Imaging offers Screening mammography and tomosynthesis (3D mammography) at our Zion Crossroads location Monday-Friday.

Breast Imaging Radiologists

Our fellowship-trained Breast Imaging Radiologists have been instrumental in the development and use of tomosynthesis and Breast MRI.

Like all of our Radiologists, our Breast Radiologists are solely focused on looking at studies in their area of specified expertise.

What is digital Breast Tomosynthesis?

Digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT), or 3D mammography is an imaging technique similar to regular digital mammogram but adds more detail.  The test seems very much like a regular mammogram, except that you will see the x-ray tube move in an arc near your head during the exposure. 

Multiple low-dose x-ray images are obtained.  These images are processed and reformatted to view as one millimeter slices through the breast.

What is the advantage of 3D mammography?

After a traditional screening mammogram, about 10% of women will be recalled for a diagnostic mammogram or ultrasound due to a possible abnormal finding. 

Women are most frequently recalled because the radiologist cannot tell if a finding on the screening mammogram is due to an early breast cancer or just overlapping tissue. 

Because 3D mammograms generate thin images through the breast, only about 5% of women are recalled for diagnostic mammography or ultrasound.

Who should have 3D mammography?

Women with dense breast tissue on a mammogram, a history of frequent recalls, or those who have been designated high-risk are likely to benefit most from tomosynthesis. 

How to Obtain Reports

Imaging Reports may be viewed in Epic.

Non-UVA Referring Physicians receive reports via an automated fax service and online through EpicCare Link.


UVA:  Please call 3-0321 / (434) 243-0321 to schedule.

Community Providers: Please call (434) 243-2700 to schedule.  Please fax orders to (434) 244-9408

Prior to scheduling an appointment, we will confirm that we have received the order.

Provider Access Line

Provider Access Line: (434) 924-9400 Option #8

Our specialized radiologists work onsite at UVA facilities and are available for consult.