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Meet Our Radiologists

Our Radiologists consider it to be a privilege to be involved in your care.  Their goal is to create the best imaging study with the most accurate interpretation for each and every patient.

Hear Dr. Matsumoto discuss the role radiologists play in patient care and what you should know before you have an imaging exam.

All of our Radiologists are experts in their fields.  UVA Imaging studies are monitored and interpreted by subspecialty-trained Radiologists located on-site.  Just as you would want to have a Pediatrician care for your child, you want a Neuroradiologist to interpret your brain scan.


Our Neuroradiologists use state-of-the-art MRI and low-dose computed tomography (CT) to generate imaging studies of the brain, eyes, ears, nose, throat, neck and spine.  

These studies can be used to evaluate traumatic brain injury, strokes, seizure disorders, neurodegenerative diseases, cancer, and many other diseases.


Breast Imaging

Our fellowship-trained Breast Imaging Radiologists have been instrumental in the development and use of tomosynthesis and Breast MRI.  

Like all of our Radiologists, our Breast Radiologists are solely focused on looking at studies in their area of specified expertise.


Body Imaging - Thoracic

Our Thoracic Radiologists specialize in imaging the lungs and chest, with specific expertise in diseases including lung infections, interstitial lung disease, and lung cancer.  They have developed an outstanding lung cancer screening program for the early detection and use advanced imaging techniques such as high resolution CT to make complex diagnoses.


Body Imaging - Abdomen and Pelvis

Our Body Imaging Radiologists use MRI, Ultrasound, and CT to distinguish between subtle but significant abnormalities in the evaluation of abdominal and pelvic organs.  Our Body Imaging Radiologists also perform image-guided biopsies and drainage procedures.



Musculoskeletal Imaging

Our Musculoskeletal (MSK) Radiologists are experts in complex MRIs, CTs, and x-rays of the bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and joints.  They also provide image-guided injections to help relieve chronic joint and back pain.

Our MSK Radiologists and Neuroradiologists interpret all spine imaging studies.


Pediatric Imaging

Our Pediatric Radiologists are specifically trained in the interpretation of all imaging studies performed on newborns, children, adolescents, and teenagers.

Understanding test findings on the smallest and most vulnerable patients is a key to optimizing their health care.