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FY18 Video Tutorials

Goal Setting

SMART Goals Explained

SMART Goal Setting at UVA

Step-by-Step ePerformance Tutorials

Goals Online (ePerformance)

Entering Leadership Goals

Entering Nursing Clinical Ladder Goals

Approving Leadership Goals

Approving Nursing Clinical Ladder Goals

Colleague Input

Leader:  Request Colleague Input on a Direct Report

-  from Peer/Customer With a PeopleSoft Profile

-  from Peer/Customer Without a PeopleSoft Profile

Colleague Accepts/Declines the Pending Request

Colleague Enters and Submits Review

Leader Reopens Colleague's Submitted Review for Edits

Self Appraisal

Clinical Ladder Nurse Completes a Self Appraisal

Leader Completes a Self Appraisal

Other Team Member Completes a Self Appraisal (available on 06/01/2018)

Performance Appraisal (completed by Primary Reviewer (leader) as of 06/01/2018)

Clinical Ladder Nurse Role Appraisal (Clinician 1-4/Wage RNs and APNs)

Leadership Role Appraisal (Assistant Manager and above)

Other Team Member Appraisal (available on 06/01/2018)

Primary Reviewer Transfers Appraisal to Another UVAMC Leader

Secondary Review of Appraisal (by the Primary Reviewer's leader on approval submission date)