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FY17 Secondary Reviewer

Once the Primary Reviewer has completed the Performance Appraisal (PA), including the incorporation of the team member's Self-Appraisal and Colleague Input feedback, where applicable, the PA is submitted to Secondary Review for final review.

Once reviewed, the Secondary Reviewer will either Approve or Deny the PA. 

If denied, the Primary Reviewer will review the Secondary Reviewer comments and make appropriate modifications to the appraisal then resubmit it to Secondary Review. 

If approved, the Primary Reviewer can move the appraisal to the "Share With Employee" status and schedule the face-to-face discussion with the team member.  Once the meeting is completed, the Primary Reviewer will mark the appraisal as "Request Acknowledgement" which sends the PA to the team member for acknowledgement.  ** In the event an appraisal is inadvertently marked "Approve", please contact your L&OD Performance Management support team via email at PerformanceManagement@hscmail.mcc.Virginia.edu to have it reopened. **

NOTE:  In the event the team member would like to dispute a rating, he/she will have five (5) business days in which to do so, in writing.  This document should provide specific work/behavioral examples to support the suggested rating.  Upon receipt of the written dispute, the Primary Reviewer has five (5) business days in which to provide a written and final response.  In the event of a rating change, the appraisal must be reopened and resubmitted to Secondary Review.  For additional assistance, please reach out to your Employee Relations representative.

After the team member marks the appraisal "Acknowledge", the Primary Reviewer marks the appraisal as "Complete".  All appraisals are to be marked Complete on or before August 31st, 2017, unless the team member is on leave or performance warning (these appraisals must be marked Complete within 30 days of return from leave or removal from performance warning).

Secondary Reviewer Job Aid