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FY17 Colleague Input

From Your Customers

Colleague Input (CI), sometimes referred to as Peer Review, provides a perspective on your performance from your customer's viewpoint.  Nominees could be from your department/unit peers, direct reports, and/or leaders, as well as those in other departments or health system entities with whom you work on a regular or project basis.  If accepted, nominees receive a link to an unrated/unnoted copy of your appraisal to facilitate their completion of your feedback.
Nominations are sent by your leader via your Performance Appraisal document to those individuals in PeopleSoft.  In the event your leader would like feedback from a colleague not maintained within PeopleSoft, a Performance Appraisal form can be emailed to that individual.  These forms are available on the Performance Management website under Forms/Worksheets
Oftentimes, your leader will request that you provide 1 - 5 individuals from whom you'd like to request feedback.  For those in Clinician 1-4 or Wage RNs job titles, you may nominate individuals within your Self-Appraisal.  Be sure to notify your leader once the nomination(s) have been requested as your leader will need to complete the nomination process from within their system access.  If applicable, all other roles please email or notify your leader in other written form, the names of your nominations.
Once feedback is received, the leader (primary reviewer) can integrate pertinent and applicable comments into the Performance Appraisal.  This valuable feedback perspective helps to enhance the evaluation of your overall performance.  
For Those Requesting/Nominating Individuals to Provide Colleague Input
Leaders (Primary Reviewers) Clinician 1 - 4 & Wage RN Job Titles
Complete an RN Colleague Nomination Request Nominate Individuals for Colleague Input
Request Colleague Input Notify Leader of Nominations
Track Colleague Input Requests RN Accept or Decline Nomination
Incorporate Colleague Input into the Performance Appraisal RN Enter Colleague Input
Reopen a Colleague Input Document RN Save and Submit Colleague Input
Using the Editing Bar for Comments Using the Editing Bar for Comments


For Those Receiving a Request/Nomination to Provide Colleague Input
Accept or Decline a Nomination
Complete Colleague Input
Save and Submit Colleague Input