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Backup Care Advantage Program

The Medical Center provides a program for affordable, temporary care for loved ones of any age. Administered through Bright Horizons, this program helps employees get to work by offering backup care 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Care is provided either at licensed care facilities or in-home by care providers who have been screened, trained and background-checked. All of the care providers are qualified through a process of screening and credentialing, criminal background and reference checks, licensure and insurance documentation and ongoing training. Care providers are also required to have CPR and first aid training. View a PowerPoint presentation about the program.

Click here for more answers to frequent questions regarding this program.


The Medical Center is subsidizing and offering this program as a benefit to employees. Center-based care is $15 per day, per loved one. In-home care is $50 per day, up to three loved ones. Each employee will have 10 days per calendar year of care available to them.
Employees are encouraged to preregister. Preregistration expedites future requests for care and provides employees with access to more detailed information about the program. When requesting care, remember that on average it takes at least four hours to find care.

To preregister with the program:

To preregister with the program:
1. Go to backup.brighthorizons.com
2. Enter “UVAMC” for user name and “care4you2” as password, then click on Login (on the left hand side in the lavender box).
3. Click on Register at the bottom of the next page
4. Type in your last name, as it appears on your paystub.
5. Type in your 5 digit UVAMC employee ID number (you can find this on the back of your badge).

If you need immediate backup care, or don't have access to a computer, call 1 877 BH-CARES

When you need care:

When you first realize you will need temporary care for a loved one, call the Backup Care Advantage Program or go to their website right away. You may call to schedule care up to 30 days in advance. You will speak directly with a backup care specialist who will gather pertinent information from you including:

• Names and ages of individuals needing care
• Dates and times care is needed
• Type of care preferred (childcare center or home care provider)
• Location of care (close to home, close to work or at an adult family member's home)
• Any other special needs or requests

After collecting your information, the specialist will begin scheduling care from a database of carefully selected and contracted childcare centers and home care agencies. You will receive periodic updates throughout the scheduling process. The specialist will identify available care providers, discuss your options with you and schedule care on your behalf.

Bright Connections

Access resources and information for caregivers on the new Bright Connections portal.