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Performance Management

UVA HR is in the process of moving Human Resources content for UVA Health to the UVA HR website. All HR information for UVA Health, Academic Division, and UPG will be housed on the UVA HR website by late January 2020. Specific information will follow soon. Please visit the UVA HR Performance Management pages for more current information.


 FY19 Rollout Resources:

(07/01/18 - 06/30/19)

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Goal Setting

Performance Feedback

Nursing CCL Resources

Workday Job Aids




You Know It!

FY19 SMART Goal Setting!


  • Simplistically written
  • Clearly define what you plan to do
  • Action-based words; evaluate, produce, build, implement, manage, write, plan, etc.


  • Provide tangible evidence you accomplished the goal
  • Often contains smaller measurements as well as an overall measurement
  • Use reports, audits, tests, customer satisfaction, feedback logs, observation, time saved, surveys, etc.


  • Can be done or acted on
  • Slight stretch so you're challenged, but well defined so you can achieve them
  • You must possess the appropriate knowledge, skills, and abilities required to achieve the goal


  • Aligned to mission/goals/initiatives of the organization
  • Can be unit or school-based


  • Connected to a timeframe for a sense of urgency
  • Keeps you focused on milestones

Questions?  Email PerformanceMgmt@virginia.edu