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Compensation Philosophy

The University of Virginia Medical Center (UVAMC) Compensation Philosophy provides a broad set of guidelines for administering pay within the organization.  The goal of the compensation program is to provide a management tool for attracting and retaining the caliber of team members necessary to meet the current and future needs of the organization and for motivating team members to achieve our strategic goals and objectives within the organization’s financial stewardship responsibilities.

UVA Medical Center believes that a fairly administered pay program recognizes the value of team members in the work place and is consistent with the values of UVA Health System - ASPIRE.

  • Accountability: Acknowledging and assuming responsibility for where we have succeeded and failed in terms of our actions, decisions, policies and results
  • Stewardship: Responsibly and carefully managing our resources and commitment to continual improvement and learning while acknowledging shortcomings or problems in our quest
  • Professionalism: Approaching all that we do, in a collaborative way, to deliver excellent care through the lens of helpfulness, positivity, kindness and competency
  • Integrity: Being honest, open and fair through our behaviors, attitude and treatment of others
  • Respect: Being mindful of building a diverse and inclusive environment while showing compassion for everyone through our caring and intentional ways
  • Excellence: Conducting ourselves in a manner that surpasses ordinary standards through our preparation, collaboration and proactivity in all that we do

The ability of UVA Health System to express these core values is, in large part, the result of efforts by the dedicated team members working in all areas of the organization.