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Welcome & Assimilate


New employees need to understand their role and what is expected of them to feel socially comfortable and accepted within the department. It is important for new employees to also understand the UVA Medical Center culture by learning departmental norms, organizational practices, goals and values. The Welcome & Assimilate process ensures that new employees have the information, access, tools and other resources they need to effectively carry out their duties. Purposeful action on behalf of the manager also helps to improve the level of teamwork and engagement throughout the department.

Guides for week 1 – Month 3 are available under “New Team Member Meetings” section below.  

Available Resources & Tools

Health System Orientation

Your new team member will be attending Health System Orientation (HSO). from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm. An important part of HSO is the Welcome lunch with the manager. This is a very important part of the day in providing a meaningful welcome to UVA for the team member. Please arrive at the Education Resource Center auditorium by 11:00am. You will be provided with a lunch coupon to use in either of the Medical Center cafeterias. If you are unable to attend, please make arrangements to send a representative from your department to meet your new team member. The Welcome lunch is one of our best opportunities to make our new team members feel proud and confident in their choice to join our team.

We thank you for your efforts to help make this the best possible experience for our newest team members. For questions pertaining to the Welcome lunch, contact the Orientation and Career Services team at HROD@hscmail.mcc.virginia.edu

During lunch, we ask that you take the time to welcome your new Team Member and reinforce their decision as a positive one. This includes:

  • Introducing them to our culture
  • Spending time answering questions and setting expectations

  • Avoid focusing on completing tactical tasks or trying to accomplish too much in one hour

Suggested discussion topics with your new hire at lunch include:

  • What they are most excited about for their new role

  • What they can expect their first few weeks to look like

  • Who is their buddy

  • How clocking in and out is handled in the department – provide the name of the time keeper, if applicable

  • Your hire will start clocking on the 3rd day of hire. Discuss what is considered “late” for your area and where to clock time

Help determine which afternoon activities new team member should complete during the Choose Your Own Experience session from 12:00pm to 4:30pm:

  • Visit ID Badge Office (West Complex)

  • Visit Employee Health for TB test placement/reading (1222 JPA)

  • Meet with Parking and Transportation/Benefits Representatives (Grove Street from 1:30pm to 3:30pm)

  • Meet with Benefits counselors

  • Complete assigned CBLs (Grove Street, Claude Moore Health Sciences Library, or work area/unit)

  • Complete additional online tasks – sign up for benefits/respiratory mask fit testing, guided technology support, etc. (Grove Street, Claude Moore Health Sciences Library, or work area/unit)



New Team Member Meetings

Within the first two weeks of employment, it is essential that you conduct the Week 2 New Team Member Meeting. This meeting will help you begin to build trust with the new team member and reaffirm his/her decision to work at UVA Medical Center. Click below to access the Week 2 Meeting Guide.

Week 2 Meeting

  • All Hires - Week 2 Meeting Guide Includes a checklist of required items to complete for your new team member and specific questions to ask the team member during your1st one-on-one meeting (conducted within the team member's second week of employment).
  • Nursing Hires Only - Nurse Manager Orientation Checkpoint: Clinical Week 1 Used in conjunction with other Onboarding Documents.  Provides a list of clinically related discussion items and expectations to review with the new team member at the conclusion of his/her first clinical week of employment.

Month 1 Meeting

After your new team member’s first month of employment, it is essential that you continue to communicate with him/her regarding his/her progress. At this time, please schedule a Month 1 New Team Member Meeting. This meeting will help you identify the team member’s strengths and areas of opportunity, as well as solicit ideas for improving the department and organization. Remember that consistent leader involvement leads to deeper team member engagement! Click below to access the Month 1 Meeting Guide.

Month 2 Meeting

Month 3 Meeting

Please schedule a Month 3 New Team Member Meeting. In this meeting, you will begin to set goals and clarify expectations with the new team member. This check-in is a great opportunity to recognize any accomplishments s/he has achieved in his/her first three months of employment. Remember that consistent leader involvement leads to deeper team member engagement! Click below to access the Month 3 Meeting Guide.

*Month 6 and Year 1 New Team Member Meeting Guides are found under the Follow-up for Success section


Buddy Program

Each new team member is assigned a "Buddy" at the start of his/her Onboarding experience – this Buddy should be someone other than the team member's preceptor.


Welcome Resources Toolkit

A repository of resources to help welcome and guide a new team member. Samples and templates are provided as a convenience to the hiring department. It is important to modify the documents so that the information is specific and relevant to your department.