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Follow-up for Success


New team members are vital in helping organizations achieve goals, represent values and move forward. Continued onboarding throughout the first year of a new team member's employment helps lead to these successes. To ensure new team members are acclimating well and contributing to the success of the Health System, they are given the opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback on their experiences. This feedback will help the team members feel invested in their positions and help to improve the department’s onboarding practices and reduce turnover within the first year of a team member's employment.

Guides for Month 4 – Year 1 are available under “New Team Member Meetings” section below.

Available Resources & Tools

New Team Member Meetings

Guides to help managers ensure they are covering the right information at the right time. Scripted questions are also provided to discuss the team member's onboarding experience and discover areas for improvement. This process helps to establish relationships built on a foundation of trust.

Month 4 Meeting

Month 6 Meeting

If the team member is meeting expectations in his/her role, please schedule a Month 6 New Team Member Meeting. In this meeting, you will continue to recognize the team member’s accomplishments and solidify short-term and long-term goals. Remember that consistent leader involvement leads to deeper team member engagement! If the team member is exhibiting any performance issues, please contact your Employee Relations Consultant prior to the end of the team member’s probationary period, which occurs at Month 6 (Year 1 for Clin I RNs). Click below to access the Month 6 Meeting Guide.

  • All Hires - Month 6 Meeting Guide
    Includes a checklist of required tasks to complete before the team member's sixth month of employment and questions to ask the team member during your 4th one-on-one meeting (conducted once the team member reaches six months of employment).
  • Nursing Hires Only - Nurse Manager Orientation Checkpoint: Month 6/Week 24
    Used in conjunction with other Onboarding documents.  Provides a list of clinically related discussion items and expectations to review with the team member at the conclusion of his/her sixth month of employment.

Year 1 Meeting

Please schedule a Year 1 New Team Member Meeting. In this meeting, you will celebrate the team member’s one year anniversary and recognize his/her accomplishments and contributions to the team. You will also have the opportunity to receive feedback on what the team member found most rewarding and most challenging in the last year, as well as recommendations for improvement regarding the onboarding experience. Click below to access the Year 1 Meeting Guide.

  • All Hires - Year 1 Meeting Guide
    Includes a checklist of required tasks to complete and questions to ask the team member during your 5th one-on-one meeting (conducted once the team member reaches one year of employment.

* Week 2, Month 1, and Month 3 New Team Member Meeting Guides are found under the Welcome & Assimilate section.


Opportunities for Feedback

To ensure the Health System Orientation (HSO) program meets the needs of our new team members, two confidential surveys will be sent to new team members to solicit feedback about their experience. The feedback will be used to improve the program for future attendees. In addition, information will be passed to UVA Medical Center leadership to assure accountability and to assist managers with this process.

  • Survey 1
    Sample survey sent to the new team member shortly after attending Health System Orientation (HSO). Survey questions ask about the team member's experiences with orientation and department-based onboarding.