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Onboarding Essentials


UVA HR is in the process of moving Human Resources content for UVA Health to the UVA HR website. All HR information for UVA Health, Academic Division, and UPG will be housed on the UVA HR website by late January 2020. Specific information will follow soon. Please visit the UVA HR Onboarding Essentials for Medical Center page for more current information.


We strive to ensure that all new team members receive current and accurate information regarding their roles, the support needed to be successful within their first year of employment, and the opportunity to share feedback regarding their onboarding experiences. 

Research has shown that the first year of employment is crucial when attempting to reduce voluntary turnover and increase organizational retention. Additionally, a consistent onboarding process for all roles within an organization assists with ensuring all team members feel included and welcome on their teams.

Managers/Supervisors are expected to meet with the new team member a minimum of five times throughout his/her first year of employment. This site provides guides for meetings at employee’s:

□ Week 2

□ Month 1

□ Month 3

□ Month 6

□ Year 1

 Managers will need to check this site to obtain the new team member meeting guides, with adequate advance time to schedule meetings and prepare for your discussions. Guides will no longer be sent via email. Guides are provided on the “Welcome & Assimilate” and “Follow up for Success” sections. They are intended for your use only. It’s recommended that you save all completed guides in the team member’s departmental file.