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Learning Management System (LMS) NetLearning

Learning Management System (LMS)/NetLearning

The Health System's LMS serves multiple purposes:

  • Registration for classroom based education
  • Hosts Mandatory Training modules
  • Hosts department or role based training modules
  • Hosts skill testing
  • Documents individual, offsite, non-academic education activities
  • Tracks compliance for TB and fit testing

Login to NetLearning


NetManager+ (MyTeam) Users

Managers or designees who:

  • Assign modules
  • Document unit-based classes
  • Register staff for classes
  • Run compliance reports
  • Check individual transcripts

To become an administrative user, contact our LMS support team at L&OD for training and access. LMS@hscmail.mcc.virginia.edu or call 434-906-1966.


Create a Module for the LMS

If this is your first time making a CBL, complete the module: "Creating a Module for the LMS".  This module, along with the checklist in the module submission form (see below) will assist you in developing a CBL. Information includes design, typography, embedded quizzes and developing post-test questions.

Submit the items below to Francis Duncan at LMS@hscmail.mcc.virginia.edu.

We provide templates to streamline the development process for you.  All forms and templates are found at O:\COD_S\Creating a Module for the LMS

  • PowerPoint templates - Library of PowerPoints with embedded navigation buttons, slide counter, UVA formatting, etc.
  • Module submission form - Necessary to submit a module upload. A checklist provided to ensure your work is "camera ready".
  • Test question spreadsheet - All modules must a at least one test question.  Instructions for populating the spreadsheet are included in the header row.
  • Educational needs assessment - Do not submit.  Keep for your department records.

Technical Support

The Claude Moore Health Sciences Library provides classes on PowerPoint.  There are also online modules in the LMS to increase your PowerPoint skills.

Free Image Support

Taking images from the web, unless permissions have been granted, may result in copy write infringement.  Always check the permissions on sites such as Flickr or only use a open sources content. Pixabay is another great resource for free images.

The Library Image Resource (Health Sciences Library) provides access to over 20 images repositories including anatomy, physiology, general science, social and UVA specific files.

Microsoft Office Online provides clip art and photo images at no charge.  To access from MS Word, PowerPoint, etc., select "Insert" from the toolbar, select "Picture", then "Clip art".