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Backup Care Advantage Program Questions

School is cancelled because of inclement weather. Can I use the backup care for my children?

Yes, simply call or go online to the vendor's website and they will take care of all the details. Please remember, on average it takes at least four hours to find care. However, if the backup care vendor determines that the roads are too dangerous to travel, the in-home care service will not be available.

I live in an outlying county where day care is limited. Can this program provide care for my loved ones in my home or at a center near my home?

Yes. In addition to childcare centers, the vendor utilizes home health care and nanny agencies to provide care for employees' loved ones in the employee's home.

I know the school calendar is sent out a year in advance. Does that mean I can go ahead and book time for my children on the teacher workdays and holidays?

Backup care may be scheduled as needs arise, or up to 30 days in advance.

My loved one is mildly ill; can a care provider come to my home and care for him?

In-home care is available for healthy or mildly ill children, adults or elders. 

What age ranges does this cover?

Any age - infant through the elderly.

What if the demand is higher than the providers? How will the company accommodate all of the requests?

The vendor has a large network of both in-home and center-based care providers. The vendor guarantees the Medical Center a greater than 95% fill-rate for all requests for care.

How do I sign-up?

Although it is not required, employees are encouraged to register for care in advance by accessing the Bright Horizons website at: backup.brighthorizons.com.. Employees who are not able to pre-register will be registered upon their first call to schedule care at 1 877 BH-CARES.

I work a 12 hour shift, but the coverage is only for 10 hours. What do I do with my children the remaining 2 hours?

The vendor has care providers available 24 hours a day and will try to secure coverage for the full 12-hour shift. The best type of care for employees working a 12 hour shift is the in-home care option which can be available for as many hours as are needed. Twelve consecutive hours of care is considered 1.5 days of care.

What are the qualifications of the backup care providers?

The provider credentialing and re-credentialing process is extensive. All of the contracted care providers undergo a three-tiered screening and background-check process to confirm that they are in compliance with best business practices and are in good standing in the business and broader community.
In-home and center based providers sign a contract agreeing to provide insurance and licensure documentation annually. Internal audits of all documentation are conducted annually.

I work nights; can someone come to my home in the middle of the night?

Yes, in-home backup care is available 24 hours a day, seven days week. 

My father lives in Colorado. He is recovering from pneumonia and needs someone with him during the day while my mother works. Can I get coverage for him in Colorado?

The backup care vendor has a large list of providers nationwide. Care may be available in the city or state where your parent resides. If you would need to miss work to travel to your parent's home to care for him, the provider is available to assist you.

How much can I utilize this program? Is there a limit?

Each employee will have 10 days per calendar year of care available to them. After that, employees can still use the program, but will pay the rate of $125 per day for center-based care and $280 per day for in-home care.

I have two children, if I use the program one day for two children, does that count as two days?

No. If an employee accesses the backup care for both children on a Monday for 10 hours (1 day), the employee only has one day deducted from their bank of 10 days. If on the following Tuesday the employee needs care for one child, she is once again only charged for one day. The employee now has a total of eight days left in her bank. In addition, the employee will pay $15 per day, per loved one for center-based care and $50 per day for at-home care, for up to three people.

When does the year start? If I use it 10 times between now and December, will I start over in January?

Each employee will have access to 10 days throughout the January to December calendar year. At the end of each year, any remaining hours or days do not roll over to the next year.

Do part-time and full-time employees have the same benefit?