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WorkLife Program

yellow treeThe FEAP WorkLife Program supports the University's mission through direct services and by developing collaborative partnerships within Charlottesville and the surrounding community to assist faculty and staff in navigating the competing demands of their work, personal, and family lives.

The goal is to help faculty and staff gain information and develop strategies in order to be fully engaged and do their best in work and life.  To that end, the FEAP WorkLife Program provides a diverse menu of resources, programs and services that offer assistance in managing the daily challenges of integrating work, family, and personal life.

Employees of UVA Health System may also visit UVAHS Worklife website:

Navigating Work and Life

Taking care of oneself is the first step toward healthy productive living.  It can be challenging to balance all of the areas of life such as career, home life, relationships, children, community and volunteer commitments, money, and our physical and emotional health.  When stressed and overwhelmed, even daily tasks can seem difficult and our body and mind start to suffer.  Let us help.

Our services include:

  • Individual consultation
  • Information sharing
  • Referral to appropriate community resources
  • Departmental and small group presentations on work/life topics

Eldercare Services

  • Consultation with a geriatric care manager
  • Assessment of your particular caregiving situation; including the financial, social/emotional, community resources, or legal needs involved
  • Problem solving, information and referral to appropriate community resources both locally and nationally
  • Long term care planning
  • Educational seminars on various elder and caregiving topics

Executive Coaching

  • Executive coaching for administrators, managers, and faculty who want to further develop their leadership skills.  Partner with an executive coach during or after a leadership course in order to enhance integration of new leadership skills

Professional Coaching for motivated individuals who want to:

  • Clarify and achieve desired results in their personal and/or professional life
  • Increase productivity
  • Create greater balance in their life
  • Improve communication
  • Make a positive change to enhance their life


The University of Virginia WorkLife Program offers a variety of services to meet the relocation needs of newly hired or recruited faculty and staff and their family members.  These services include:

  • Referral to real estate companies
  • Support to families in transition
  • Childcare and school information materials
  • Information on community and university services

Legal and Financial Consultation Services 

The Worklife Program partners with Legal Access Plans to provide consultation on a variety of legal issues and with CLC for financial consultation.  Upon referral, the employee has a free, 30 minute, initial consultation and reduced fees for certain services provided after the initial consultation.  These benefits are only available to employees and their immediate fmily membes and you must be referred through the Faculty and EMployee Assistance Prgraom (FEAP) in order to access this valuable resource.

Group seminars

Brief seminars designed to help people manage and balance their lives are available to groups as requested.