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Management Training

The Faculty and Employee Assistance Program:  A Resource Tool for Management

Designed to provide an overview of the FEAP and its services.   May be presented to the entire workforce or smaller groups of employees.  Major topics include voluntary, confidential participation, the various types of challenges that the FEAP can assist employees and their family members with.  This training is usually used as part of program implementation with a newly contracted organization.

Managing the Troubled Employee

Designed to introduce supervisors to using the FEAP as a management tool.  Participants are instructed on the importance of early intervention, the referral process for employees with job performance issues or personal issues that prevent the employee from doing the best job possible.  Participants will learn to identify the behaviors of a troubled employee, how to confront them constructively and when to connect the employee with the FEAP.

Violence in the Workplace

Designed to instruct managers about the warning signs of perpetrators of workplace violence and the appropriate steps to take if concerned about a co-worker.   Emphasis is on what constitutes a threat, common factors in at-risk environments and strategies to deal with the threat of violence.

Department of Transportation (DOT) Mandatory Training

Designed to meet the requirements of the DOT regulations for CDL holders and their supervisors.   Participants are instructed in the effects of alcohol and controlled substances, the profile of an abuser, indicators of poor job performance and proper methods of intervention, documentation and utilization of the FEAP.

Substance Abuse in the Workplace

Designed as an overview of Drug-Free Workplace Act, along with alcohol and substance abuse education and guidance on how the FEAP can be of assistance.

Coping With Change

Designed to train supervisors/managers how to help employees stay in an ever-changing environment.  Participants learn the process of change, to identify the typical reactions to change, understand their own reaction to change, and develop a personal action plan for change management.

Online Manager Training is now available (Current FEAP clients can call 434-243-2643 for login and password)