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Effective Coping and Communication Program (ECCP)

The ECC program is designed to help Health System employees to improve coping, communication and interpersonal skills in order to function more effectively in an increasingly complex health care environment. The program is a special track within the Faculty and Employee Assistance Program (FEAP); employees may self-refer or be referred by a manager or colleague. There is no cost for the ECC and participation is voluntary and confidential.


The program is individualized for each participant and services are delivered in a 1:1 setting. Clinical focus may include activities and practices to increase self-awareness/self-management, improve communication skills, improve stress management/relaxation skills and gain insight into the impact of family of origin on current functioning. Instruments may be used to assess burnout, compassion fatigue, quality of life and readiness to change.  Participants will be followed weekly for 2-4 weeks, bi-monthly for 2-4 months and then monthly for a total of 6 months.


In order to participate in the program, the employee is expected to:

·         Commit to engage in and participate in the program

·         Sign releases to allow communication with manager, if formally referred

·         Participate in a clinical assessment

·         Follow through with any use of pertinent outside resources

·         Attend follow up sessions in FEAP


Referring managers are expected to:

·         Communicate with Human Resources and formally refer the employee to FEAP

·         Complete a pre and post evaluation

·         Allow employee time to come to FEAP during work hours, if necessary

·         Continue to monitor performance and communicate with EAP

·         Actively engage in the process


For more information please contact Rebecca Mason, RN, MSN, CEAP at (434) 924-0048 or

(434) 243-2643