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Behavior Survey

The purpose of this survey is to better evaluate behavior and communication in the work environment.  Please rate the individual on the following issues:  

  Always (5) Frequently (4) Sometimes (3) Rarely (2) Never (1)
Is skilled at dealing with peers
Cares about the well being of patients
Makes others feel comfortable approaching to ask questions or make suggestions
Creates a sense of teamwork and values contributions of all team members
Behaves in an ethical manner
Avoids engaging in negative non-verbal behavior
Shows concern and empathy for patients' families
Stays focused on the task at hand
Verbally provides appropriate feedback to other team members
Follows hospital, departmental and unit rules
Adjusts to changes in scheduling or staffing with little change in attitude or productivity
Avoids behaving in a rude or disrespectful manner (ex: discourteous, snide remarks, sarcasm)
Maintains composure under pressure
Makes fair and equitable work or patient assignments
Avoids belittling, ridiculing, or embarrassing other team members
Willingly performs all tasks or responsibilities that are expected
Communicates effectively with patients
Understands how his/her behavior affects others
Avoids dominating or controlling other team members
Controls his/her anger in stressful situations
Responds appropriately to constructive criticism
Is available for and interaction with other team members
Avoids engaging in gossip or spreading rumors
Can be trusted to maintain the confidences of team members