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Success Stories


"Very concerned and  knowledgeable staff who helped me connect with others in FEAP and HR to address my issues.  Also, offered considerable guidance in a compassionate manner."

"This is a good program for employees that are going through rough times, in my case it's through my job.  I'm thankful to gain new ideas/new strategies to relieve stress..."

"This is such an important outlet for employees to be able to access when needed.  We are all dealing with personal and work related issues and often times need someone to point us in the right direction."

"This was a very helpful service that I knew nothing about until HR told me. The University should make a better effort to make its employees aware that such a service exists!"

"Mary knew exactly what I needed to hear in order to work my last 2 shifts in NICU. If I had not worked those last 2 shifts, I would have felt even worse than I was feeling about the overall circumstances.  She provided me with techniques to handle any rough spots and perspective on the total siutaion.  I'm finally moving on and healing. 

"It really helped having someone to talk to and know that it would not effect my position at UVa."


walkway"Everyone on the staff is friendly and makes you feel welcome. I really appreciated the consultant following up with me after our appointment."

"FEAP is the jewel in the crown of the UVA Health System. I was given superior care each and every time I made use of the services. A quick note of thanks to Mary Sherman for her help with a very difficult period for me."

"I have used this service on several occations, due to an aging famiy member.  Without this service, I would not have known what to do or what questions to ask when gathering information. I left this encounter feeling informed, confident, and prepared for the matter at hand.  This was a positive experience, that I would not hesitate to recommend to my colleagues."

"I really enjoyed meeting with Anna and I appreciate that UVA has a program like this for its employees."

"I got exactly what I had hoped for - referrals to resources and other health care providers in the area that are also in our insurance network."

"Extremely comforting to know that there are professional services available to employees that are so accessible, timely and highly beneficial to a variety of issues."

"Rebecca provided an environment where I felt safe to talk openly about my situation and her concern for me was evident in her compassionate and caring demeanor and interactions."

"I felt very comfortable with Rebecca; she was very genuine and concerned with the issue that I spoke with her about."

"Mary was so kind and listened to every concern that I had regarding my job.  She gave me feedback and helped me process my situation.  All employees need to know about this service."

"I've seen Rebecca for issues that have come up over the past 4 years. She has always been great at listening and asking the right questions. I recommend FEAP to nearly everyone I know."

"Mary was professional and helpful in every way she could be.  The resources she gave me have proved very practical and helpful."

"I was very grateful for the prompt response and the help I received. Anna was very caring and helped connect me with other resourves to help me through a difficult time in my life."