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Success Stories

  • Awesome benefit. Well administered.
  •  The FEAP services have been very helpful to myself and my family members. It is a wonderful benefit of working at UVA Medical Center. I highly recommend it to co-workers who are experiencing difficult times.
  •  It was a very positive experience.  My counselor (Brenda Wilson) provided me with ample information and direction, along with being pleasant and understanding.  The environment was confidential and non-intrusive.  Excellent experience!
  •  Monica was much more informed and helpful than I had anticipated.  She really helped.  Thanks!
  •  I'm just so glad this resource is available to us.
  •  Ms. Delong was a very nice person and, she was very concerned about my situation.  She was very helpful.  We need more people like her. Thanks for everything.   
  •  She (Joyce Camden) has been and I hope will continue to be spectacular help in aiding my recovery.
  •  Thank you for having a private and available method for employees to seek assistance when help is needed.
  •  I feel so blessed to have this resource. I feel valued and supported.
  •  My appointment was helpful and I received good suggestions and referral suggestions for future therapy.
  •  Thanks to Denese for getting me in the same day that I called.  I was crying on the phone and Denese handled it with such compassion. Additionally, Anna has been a blessing.  Thank you all for your support.
  •  Excellent experience. Exactly what I needed. Very pleasantly surprised!                                                                                      
  •  I would definitely come back to the FEAP and recommend others to their services as well. Thank you for the amazing work you do! Mary Sherman was attentive and provided great resources regarding my concerns.
  •  FEAP is one of the most valuable services I have encountered at UVA for employees. I cannot express my gratitude for this program enough.
  •  I would definitely come back to the FEAP and recommend others to their services as well. Thank you for the amazing work you do! Mary Sherman was attentive and provided great resources regarding my concerns.
  •  Ms. O'Grady listened with compassion to my problem. She asked the right questions to help me make the best decision to address my problem. She helped me clarify the reasons I react to stress the way I do and identify more coping strategies to deal with stress when it occurs again. I'm very grateful to know this resource is available and will tell others about this service. Many thanks.
  •  The FEAP consultant help me to see the situation in a more positive way and gave me information and made suggestions where to look for more information. Very useful.
  •  FEAP has been extremely helpful for getting my husband and I BOTH connected with therapy very quickly after a traumatic experience at work. The sessions are extremely helpful and I also felt comfortable reaching out to Allison outside of our sessions with questions and follow-ups. She also has been great when it comes to offering assistance with communicating with my managers, but making sure it is when/how I want. I cannot say enough about how much I appreciate FEAP and Allison O'Grady specifically.
  •  Deb is awesome! My husband felt respected (he's had bad experiences in the past with private counselors) and we felt like we learned a lot in our time together. I would strongly recommend her to anyone!
  •  Deb Early is wonderful.  She is very flexible with her approach and has provided my wife and me with safe environment to talk and good direction going forward.
  •  I was really pleasantly surprised by my FEAP experience.  I kind of went in hesitantly and didn't have huge expectations but I was given a really prompt appointment and I really appreciated Mary's style because I felt valued and heard.  I will recommend FEAP to colleagues and am so glad this program is here.  I had previously tried to find a therapist in Charlottesville but was very confused by our Aetna insurance and found it hard to navigate all of the providers to find one that would be a good fit for me.  It broke down a huge barrier for me to be able to go to FEAP for one appointment and be respected and directed to a therapist in my insurance who would be a good fit for me.  If it wasn't for FEAP, I probably never would have actually gone to a therapist because I wasn't even sure where to start with the process.
  • Monica Maughlin helped me realize that my being overwhelmed was legitimate and laid on my worries out so I could focus on them one little bit at a time.  I was able to see what I needed to start with and how I needed to do it.  She is very caring and gave me more time than I had expected.  I am grateful for this program because I would not otherwise have seen someone about my issues as soon as I did.
  • This is the second time I have used FEAP to get help with something and I cannot express enough the gratitude and appreciation for this program and the people working in it.  Monica is an excellent counselor and one of the best I have met in regards to making sure she understands everything that is going on with the situation.  She made me feel comfortable and heard and had a lot of really great suggestions, in both situations.  I actually still see the counselor she referred me to 2 years ago.  Monica and FEAP literally saved my life 2 years ago and now are working to make my work environment more comfortable for me and my coworkers.
  • Ms. Straughn was very quick to accommodate me! She made sure that I was well informed of the meeting; Ms. Maughlin was just wonderful! She was very patient with my doubts and concerns: She helped me to shape my beliefs, concerns, experiences in to a different perspective mode of understanding: She was very thoughtful, kind, and fully willing to help me go through my process. Over all, FEAP is a blessing to everyone! I am grateful to them.
  • LOVE, LOVE, LOVED my experience.  Recommend it to anyone.
  • I had an absolutely wonderful experience with FEAP. I was having a very stressful situation with my supervisor and received a call back from Denese shortly after leaving a message. They quickly set up a meeting for me to see Mary Sherman and it was incredibly helpful. In the last two stressful weeks, it has been one of the bright spots of feeling support, thank you thank you thank you!