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Program Promotion

We invite employees to self-refer.  To maintain visibility and accessibility we provide on-going publicity to managers, employees and their families.  Our promotional activities are geared to appeal to people at the different life stages and to encourage employees to see our services as welcoming and personalized to their needs.

Program promotion activities include:

  • On-site orientations about FEAP for all of your employees
  • On-site supervisory training
  • Brochures
  • Posters
  • Newsletters for all employees on various Work/Life topics
  • Quarterly Supervisor Newsletters
  • WorkLife Seminars
  •  Utilization report feedback

Employee Orientations

Our employee orientation sessions introduce staff to the FEAP services, explore common concerns, address how to access FEAP and review our confidentiality policies.  We also want your employees to see that the FEAP counselors are competent and approachable people who can help the employee find solutions.

Supervisory Training

Supervisory sessions are available to help managers identify the troubled employee and intervene with appropriate and timely referrals to FEAP.  We also address communication methods to more effectively make these referrals.