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Confidentiality in FEAP – What does this mean?

Confidentiality is critical in the success of the EAP counseling relationship. Our EAP consultants are legally required to maintain the confidentiality of client information. Confidentially requirements are subject to state and federal mandatory reporting issues. Information concerning your use of FEAP is not in any medical or personnel record. Records are kept in FEAP and protected according to confidentiality protocols. We do not interact with or document in EPIC.

At your first visit, you will be given intake forms which include the following:

  • Demographics sheet
  • Brief safety questionnaire
  • A Client Information and Follow-up form which allows us to contact you for follow-up in a manner which you determine best maintains your confidentiality


Your FEAP record is kept confidential and the information is protected by federal law. It is not available to your supervisor, management, HR, your family or other employees. The consultant will not discuss your situation with anyone outside of FEAP without your written release of information. A release of information can be specific or general and what is shared is up to you except for the situations outlined below.


Clients under age 18 – Virginia law allows parents to obtain information and/or records related to treatment.


There are certain situations that cannot be kept confidential. FEAP is required by law to take action and report on the following information to the appropriate person or agency:

  • If you are in danger of harming yourself or others
  • If there is evidence of child abuse/neglect or elder abuse/neglect
  • If a court of law issues a legitimate court order or subpoena


If you have any questions about these regulations and situations, please talk with your EAP consultant immediately. We want you to fully understand that we respect your right to privacy at all times.