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Announcements and Upcoming Events


 FEAP conducts seminars in association with Hoo's Well.  Hoo’s Well is the University of Virginia’s comprehensive wellness program. It is designed to help you get healthy and stay healthy by improving your general fitness and reducing your risk for heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and other debilitating illnesses. Take part in taking care of yourself. Participate in the classes offered through this program to help you lose weight, improve your diet and nutrition, manage stress, and enhance your general health. The sessions affiliated with Hoos Well are notated in the schedule below:


FEAP also offers seminars on a variety of Work/Life topics throughout the year for general team groups and by request of departments.  To request a seminar for a work group, or for more information about upcoming seminars, please contact FEAP at 243-2643.


 The following seminars are free but registration is required.  

To register for FEAP Seminars, please CLICK HERE

Stress First Aid: Caring for Self and Co-Workers

August 17, 2017
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
Old Med School Auditorium

This workshop covers the degrees of stress which can impact people and ways to identify and reduce the impact of such stress.  Most Health Care Professionals have a moderate to high level of stress as usual elements in the work environment.   Personal life can also have events and waves of moderate to high stress levels.  Independently or together those natural factors in life can accumulate and have heavy impact.  There are many ways to expand awareness of stress and how it can become symptomatic.  There are also on-going practices which can help heal, restore, and prevent stress from reaching a point of negatively effecting ones experiences and relationships.  This workshop provides ways to address these issues with tools and practices that can serve you and your co-workers.


Keeping the Love Alive in Long Term Relationships

August 24, 2017
12:00 pm -1:00 pm
Old Med School Auditorium

Establishing long term love and excitement in our most intimate relationships is one of the main challenges we face throughout our lives. Anyone in a relationship or who plans on being in one needs to know how to keep love alive over the long term. But how do we learn this secret? Come learn valuable methods for reinvigorating your most sacred love relationships and understanding what really matters in the quest for enduring love.


The Power of Play: It's Not Just for Kids

September 14, 2017
12:00 pm -1:00 pm
Old Med School Auditorium

Play is more than fun.  It is the essence of our happiness, health, creativity and innovation; however we are easily pushed and pulled away from it as we live day to day.  This seminar will teach us the purpose, power and value of Play at every stage of our life.  We will learn about our unique Play personalities and how to intentionally foster Play in our daily lives.


 Tools to Stop Negative Mind Chatter 


If you are like most people, there is a negative stream of thoughts that you feed yourself throughout the day. This impacts our physical and mental health negatively as well as potentially impacting relationships.   If you are interested in being kinder to yourself and allowing more positive energy to flow within, then join this seminar where we will explore the tools of self-compassion and curiosity as ways to quell the negative mind chatter and move towards more peace and harmony with ourselves which will also positively impact those around us.

Thursday, October 5, 2017
12 noon - 1:00 p.m.
Old Medical School auditorium 



Psychological Readiness for Retirement



When beginning to think about retirement, most employees consider the financial aspects thoroughly and thoughtfully but, often do not give credit to the emotional social and psychological aspects of retirement.  In this session, we explore how people make the decision to retire, what they do in retirement and some strategies for being a "positive retiree".

Thursday, October 19, 2017
12 noon - 1:00 p.m.
Old Medical School auditorium



 Healthy Grieving in Response to Loss through Death 

Joan Halifax, PhD., describes the dominant orientation of the western culture toward death as 'avoidance', however no one escapes the experience of loss. Whether you have lost someone directly, or care about someone who is grieving, this seminar will explore strategies found to cultivate a healthy grieving process.  Learn ways to support others in their grief, as well as, attend to your own grief blending compassion and wisdom. Learn to 'stuck in grief' presents and signs which suggest reaching out for additional support is indicated.  This seminar provides information as well as, allows  for time to practice guided exercises to reconnect with your most important intention and support overall healing.  Related resources with UVA, the Charlottesville community as well as online will also be shared. 

Thursday, November 2, 2017
12 noon - 1:00 p.m.
Old Medical School auditorium


From Managers to Consultants: Parenting our Teens 

We see the substantial changes in our teen's physical appearance and behaviors but, we don't always understand what is actually going on within them and how to address it.  This seminar will introduce and explain basic neurological and developmental changes occurring for your adolescent child, and provide some tips on helpful ways to adjust how we discipline, relate and engage with them. 


Tips for Coping with Holiday Stress


The Holiday Season can be filled with different emotions and, exacerbation of pre-existing symptoms can reoccur, making the season even more overwhelming to deal with. 

What is really important?  Is it planning ahead, setting priorities and managing a budget or, is it combating loneliness, undergoing loss, acknowledging your feelings and asking for help?  Come to this informative discussion of how to cope with the Holiday Blues and develop a plan for balancing your stress.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017
12 noon - 1:00 p.m.
Old Medical School auditorium