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Positive Discipline

We all want the best for the children. We want them to grow up to lead happy and healthy lives. We also want to enjoy them at each age and stage along the way. There are many books and resources that give guidance and advice, but ultimately we have to be the ones to make the day to day decisions regarding what and how we want to discipline our children. Because our role as parents is so important to us, it can often feel daunting and overwhelming.

FEAP provides confidential, face to face consultations for individuals or couples wanting to address discipline concerns with their children.  Educational seminars on understanding and providing age appropriate discipline for our children are also provided upon request.  Services are designed to aid parents/caregivers in clarifying their needs and the needs of their children and providing referral to additional resources if desired.


Kids in the House: The Ultimate Parenting Resource: http://www.kidsinthehouse.com/

Aha! Parenting: http://www.ahaparenting.com/

Positive Discipline:  https://www.positivediscipline.com/

Positive Parenting Connection:  http://www.positiveparentingconnection.net/

Seven Tips for Practicing Positive Discipline:  http://www.pbs.org/parents/talkingwithkids/positive_discipline_tips.html

6 Skills Your Discipline Should be Teaching Your 4-year-old: https://www.verywell.com/skills-your-discipline-should-be-teaching-your-4-year-old-1095033