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People are drawn to this topic as we typically want more happiness in our lives. Researchers have been studying this topic in depth in order to find out how the brain works and strategies to help promote greater happiness, some being very simple steps. The good news is you can learn how to be happier at any age!


FEAP consultants are versed in happiness research/strategies and can work with you to learn effective ways to increase happiness in your life.  FEAP also provides a seminar related to this topic entitled:  Wired for HappinessTo learn more about happiness and ways to increase it in your life, contact 434-243-2643 and ask for a free, confidential appointment with a FEAP consultant. 

Want To Learn More?

Video: Wired for Happiness 

FEAP newsletter: 7 Habits of Happy People

Video: Five Steps for Being Happier Today

TED Talks Related to Happiness

Shawn Achor The Happy Secret to Better Work              

Matthieu Ricar:  The Habits of Happiness

Dan Gilbert:  The Surprising Science of Happiness

Srikuma Rao:  Plug Into Your Hard Wired Happiness

Websites Related to Happiness  

Greater Good:  The Science of a Meaningful Life created out of University of California, Berkeley filled with great information on happiness and related topics with research and experts

Authentic Happiness from the University of Pennsylvania and Dr. Martin Seligman, a leading expert on the field, author, and runs their Positive Psychology Center

Rick Hanson, Ph.D. Rick Hanson is a thought leader in the field of happiness with books (like Hardwiring Happiness), talks and training


UVA Faculty and Employee Assistance Program – section on Mindfulness  A topic tightly aligned with happiness, mindfulness