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International Healthcare Worker Safety Center University of Virginia


Blood collection

Arterial blood gas syringes

Blood collection (phlebotomy) needles and tube holders

Blood donor phlebotomy devices

Blood transfer devices

Closed venous sampling systems


•·         Laser lancet

•·         Retracting lancets

  • Strip lancet

Plastic blood collection tubes (capillary, vacuum)

Umbilical cord sampling

Winged steel (butterfly) needle blood collection sets

Infusion therapy and vascular access

Needleless IV access systems:

  • Blunt cannula - split-septum

•·         Luer access - mechanical valve

  • Luer access - mechanical valve with positive displacement feature

IV catheters

  • Peripheral and midline IV catheters
  • Central venous catheters (CVC)
  • Guidewire introducers for venous and arterial access
  • Peripherally inserted central catheters (PICC)
  • Radial arterial catheters

Winged infusion sets


Dental anesthesia injection syringes

Disposable syringes and injection needles

  • Flu syringes
  • Syringes - sliding sheath/sleeve; guards; hinged caps
  • Syringes - retractable
  • Insulin and allergy syringes
  • Insulin pens

Jet injectors

Prefilled systems

  • For catheter maintenance
  • For IV therapy
  • For injection

Spinal/epidural needles


Alternative Skin Closure Devices

Blunt-tip suture needles


Other surgical sharps protection

  • Cut- or puncture-resistant gloves
  • Other equipment


Other safety devices and products

Apheresis needles

Bifurcated needles

Blood bank devices

  • Segment sampling devices
  • Other equipment

Bone marrow collection system

Catheter securement products

Fluid sampling devices

Hemodialysis needles and devices

Huber needles

Laboratory devices

Medication vial adaptors

Nuclear medicine devices

Other protective equipment


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