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Safety devices listed by company

Copyright 2010, International Healthcare Worker Safety Center, University of Virginia. The Center wishes to thank Gina Pugliese (Safety Institute, Premiere, Inc.) for her assistance in compiling this list.

Below is a list of companies that manufacture and sell devices designed to prevent percutaneous injuries and exposures to bloodborne pathogens in the healthcare setting.

This list is not intended to be exhaustive and does not necessarily represent all the safety-engineered devices that each company sells. The International Healthcare Worker Safety Center does not conduct product evaluations, and inclusion on this list is not, and should not be interpreted as, an endorsement by the Center.

We welcome information about, and samples of, new products designed to prevent bloodborne pathogen exposures. Send product information to: Safety Device List, International Healthcare Worker Safety Center, University of Virginia, PO Box 800764, Charlottesville, VA 22908-0764. For more information, call (434) 924-5159 or e-mail us.


Companies with safety-engineered devices and products

3M Healthcare
3M Adhesive Wound Closure Strips

Adept-Med International, Inc.
Magnatreve Magnetic Floor Sweep

Alpha Scientific Corp.
Diff-Safe Blood Dispenser
Seg-Safe Segment Processor

Arrow International/Teleflex
Central Venous Catheterization Kit with Integral Needle Protection [comes in      various sizes/guages/configurations]
PICC Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter Kit with Integral Needle Protection [comes in various sizes/guages/configurations]
Radial Artery Catheterization Kit with Integral Needle Protecton

Bard Access Systems, Inc.
Huber Plus Safety Huber Needle

Baxter Healthcare Corp.
Interlink and Clearlink IV Access Systems
Vital-Hold Catheter Stabilization device

Bayer Corp.
*Glucolet 2 retracting lancet
*Single-Let lancet
(*product availability in U.S. is uncertain)

B. Braun Medical Inc.
Ultrasite Needle-free IV System
SafeLine System
Safsite System
Ultrasite System
Introcan Safety IV catheter
Surecan Safety Huber Needle Infusion Set
Perifix Safety Epidural Needle
Histoacryl Topical Skin Adhesive

BD Eclipse Injection Needle
BD Safety Glide Shielding Hypodermic Needle
BD Safety Glide Syringe for Insulin, TB and Allergy
BD Safety Lok Syringe
BD Integra Syringe with Retracting PrecisionGlide Needle
BD Hypak Pre-filled syringe with BD Preventis Automatic Needle Shielding System
BD Hypak Glass Pre-filled Syringe with BD SafetyGlide Needle
BD PosiFlush Pre-filled syringes
BD Sterifill Plastic Pre-fillable Syringe
BD Twinpak Dual Cannula Device
BD Angiocath Autoguard Shielded IV Catheter
BD Angiocath-N Autoguard Shielded IV Catheter for Small Vein Access
BD Autoguard Pro Shielded IV Catheter
BD Insyte Autoguard Shielded IV Catheter
BD Insyte-N Autoguard Shielded IV Catheter for Small Vein Access
BD Saf-T-Intima IV Catheter Safety System
BD Vacutainer Passive Shielding Blood Collection Neede with Integrated Blood Tube Holder
BD One Use Stackable Holder (single-use)
BD Vacutainer Push Button Blood Collection Set
BD Vacutainer Safety-Lok Blood Collection Set
BD Safe Draw Closed Loop Blood Sampling System
BD Genie Lancet
BD Quikheel Lancet
BD Vacutainer Plus Plastic Tubes
BD Beaver Safety Cataract Knives
BD Protected Disposable Scalpel
BD Protected Surgical Handle and Protected Blade System
BD Vacutainer Plastic Clad Microhematocrit Tubes
BD Bactac/F Blood Culture Procedure Tray
BD Vacutainer Hemogard Vacuum Tube Stopper
BD  Eclipse Bifurcated Needle
Interlink IV Access System
Carpuject with InterLink blunt cannula or Luer Lock
BD Vacutainer Eclipse Blood Collection Needle

Bone Marrow Collection System with Sealed Collection Bag

Bioject Medical Technologies, Inc.
Biojector 2000

Bladex, Inc.
BLDX-2260 Scalpel Blade Exchanging System

Cardinal Health
Allegiance Retractable Safety Scalpel
Personna Safety Scalpel Disposable Scalpels

Cardinal Health Nuclear Pharmaceutical Services
Syringe and vial shields for radiation protection, including:
Secure Safety Insert System
Secure Syringe Shield
NeRD needle recapping device

SmartSite Needle-Free Valve
SmartSite Positive Bolus Needle-Free Valve
SmartSite Vented Vial Access Device

Cell Robotics International, Inc.

Churchill Medical Systems
LifeGuard Safety Huber Needle

CooperSurgical, Inc.
Guardian Vaginal Retractor

Cord Stick Corporation
Umbilical Cord Sampling

Angel Wing Safety Adaptor
BlunTip Needleless IV Access
Blade Guard II sharps counting and disposal system
Defender Safety Needle Holder (needle-retracting tube holder with back-end needle protection)
Devon Hands-Free Transfer Products
Hands-Free-Transfer Magnetic Drapes
Monoject Angel Wing Safety Blood Collection Set
Monoject Magellan Safety Needle
Monoject Monoletter Safety Lancet
Plastic Blood Collection Tubes
ProGuard II Needle Holder (needle-retracting tube holder with back-end needle protection)
Safeguard needleless urine sampling port

Daniels Sharpsmart, Inc.
Sharpsmart Collectors

Canica-Safety Reusable Handle
DeRoyal Safety Scalpel with retractable blade

ProTekt Sharps Safety Knives
Diamatrix Sharps Safety Stainless Steel Knife
Diamatrix Surgical Steel E-Series Trapezoid blade

Discount Medical Supply, Inc.
Safe Touch Protected Fistula Needle

Drummond Scientific Co.
Hemato-Clad Mylar-Wrapped Hematocrit Tube

DuoProSS Meditech Corp
BakSnap Retractable Safety Syringe

Ethicon, Inc.
Ethiguard Blunt Point
Dermabond Topical Skin Adhesive

Ethicon Endo-Surgery
Harmonic Scalpel

Feather Safety Razor Co., Ltd.
Safeshield Scalpel

Gettig Technologies
Gettig Guard - Safety Needle System

Gimbel Glove Company
Gimbel Medical Glove

Safety Tip-Lok (prefilled Tip-Lok syringes packed with BD SafetyGlide Needles for pediatric doses of Havrix (Hepitatis A Vaccine, Inactivated) and Engerix-B [Hepatitis B Vaccine (Recombinant)])

Greiner Bio-One
Vacuette Urine System
MiniCollect Capillary Collection System
Vacuette Blood Collection Tubes
Vacuette blood collection needle and Quickshield Safety tube holder
Vacuette Safety Blood Collection Set
Plastic Blood Collection Tubes

Helena Laboratories
H-Pette Slide Preparation Device

HemoCue, Inc.
HemoCue Blood Hemoglobin Photometer

Clave Connector MAPS and Clave Connector Sets
MicroClave MAPS and Micro Clave Connector Sets
Carpuject Prefilled Syringe
LifeShield Abboject protected recessed needle
Life Shield System
LifeShield Prepierced Reseal and Blunt Cannula System

Hypoguard USA, Inc.
Futura Safety Syringe
Haemolance Plus

ICU Medical, Inc.
Click Lock and Piggy Lock
CLC2000 connector

Insorb l20 Subcuticular Skin Stapler

Injex - Equidyne Systems
Injex Needle-Free Injector

ITL (Innovating Technologies for Life) North America
DonorCare Needle Guard
Platypus Needle Guard
SampLok Tube Holder with Hinged Safety Lid
SampLok Sampling Kit
SampLok Adapter Cap
Safety SubCulture Unit

International Medication Systems, Ltd.
Luer-Jet Syringe
Mini-I-Jet with Stick-Gard recessed needle or InterLink blunt cannula

Innovative Laboratory Acrylics, Inc.
SS K Adaptor Cap

International Technidyne Corp. (ITC)
Tenderlett Automated Skin Incision Device
Tenderfoot Heel Incision Device

Inviro Medical Devices, Inc.
Inviro Snap Safety Syringe

Iris Sample Processing
SafeCrit Plastic Micro-Hematocrit Tube

JAI Surgicals
Surgeon Safety Scalpels with Steadfast Disposal Lock

JMS North America Corporation
SysLoc Safety A.V. Fistula Needle Set
WingEaster A.V. Fistula Needle Guard

Joey Medical
Joey Spray Guard Umbilical Safety System

Johnson & Johnson Medical, Inc.
Biovue PICC/Midline catheter with Protectiv Safety Introducer

Life-Shield Products, Inc.
Careo Retractable Safety Syringe

Maximus Medical
Maxplus Needleless Access Valve with Tru-Swab Technology
Max Guard Needleless Access Valve

MedCare Medical Group, Inc.
HuberLoc huber needle removal and containment device

The Med Design Corp./Specialized Health Products
Safe Step Huber Needle Set

Medical Safety Technologies
The Turtle Safety Syringe

ButtonHole Needle Sets (needle sets for constant site AV fistula access)
MasterGuard Anti-Stick Needle Protector (fistula and apheresis needle sets)
Medic Anti-Stick Needle/Connector

MedPro, Inc.
Safe-Mate Safety Metal Syringe

Milestone Scientific
SafetyWand Handpiece

Miltex, Inc.
Sterile Disposable Safety Scalpels

MPS Acacia
Smart Safety Huber Needle Set

MYCO Medical Supplies, Inc.
Technocut PLUS Retractable Safety Scalpel
Unolok-Plus Safety Infusion Sets
Vaku-8 Plus Safety Blood Collection Set
QlickSmart Scalpel Blade Removal System

Nipro Medical Corporation
Safe Touch II Safety Winged Infusions Set

Novo Nordisk A/S
Novo Nordisk NovoFine Autocover (safety-engineered needle used in conjunction with Novo Nordisk FlexPen for insulin injection)

Ox Med-Tech
OMT Safety Scalpel
OMT Vacuum-Retract Safety Syringe

Owen Mumford, Inc.
Unistik 2
Unistik 3 Safety Lancet

Palco Laboratories
EZ-Lets II Lancet

Performance Fabrics Inc.
HexArmor Personal Protective Armor

Personna Medical Care Products
DermaGuard Safety Prep Razor

Pharmajet Needle-Free System

Post Medical
The Automatic Needle Disconnect (A.N.D.) phlebotomy container

Pro-Western Plastics Inc.
Medical waste containers

Radiometer America Inc.
safePICO self-filling arterial sampler

Retractable Technologies, Inc.
Vanish Point Syringe
VanishPoint Blood Collection Tube Holder (needle-retracting tube holder with back-end needle protection)

Roche Diagnostics Corporation
Accu-Check Safe-T-Pro

SafePro USA, Inc.
SafePro Safety Sryinge
SafePro Plus Safety Syringe

Safe-Tec Clinical Products, Inc.
MicroSafe plastic tube
SafeCap Self-Sealing Mylar-Wrapped Capillary Tubes
Unistik 3

Safety 1st Medical Inc.
Safety 1st Safety Syringe

Safety Syringe Corporation of America, Inc.
Auto-Lock Safety Syringe

Safety Syringes, Inc.
UltraSafe Injection System
UltraSafe Needle Guard
UltraSafe Injection System
UltraSafe Needle Guard

Sage Products Inc.
Personal Protection Gowns and Gloves

Sandel Medical Industries, LLC
Sandel Z-Instrument Drape (Friction and Friction/Magnet)
Sandel Z-Tray for no hands passing of surgical instrumentsSandel Safety Scalpels (weighted and non-weighted)
Sarstedt, Inc.
Haemo-Diff Blood Smear
Microvette Capillary Blood Collection System
S Monovette Blood Collection System
Multifly Blood Collection Set
Multivette Capillary Blood Collection System
Tube Segment Opener
Urine Monovette with Luer-Lock Adapter

Septodont, Inc.
Safety Plus Injection System

Smiths Medical
Carpuject Needle-Pro hinged recap device
AdvantIV Safety I.V. Catheter
Protectiv Acuvance I.V. Safety Catheter
Protectiv and Protectiv Plus IV Catheter safety system
Pro-Vent Plus
Saf-T-Clik Blood Tube Holder (tube holder with sliding safety sheath)
Saf-T Wing Blood Collection Set (with or without Saf-T blood tube holder)
Saf-T Closed Blood Collection SystemFutura Safety Lancet
Futura Safety Scalpel-retractable scalpel
Gripper Plus Safety Huber Needle
Venipuncture Needle-Pro Device (blood tube holder with needle shield attached)

SpanAmerica Medical Systems
Secure IV peripheral venous catheter

Specialized Health Products/Med-Design Corp.
LiftLoc and MiniLoc Safety Infusion Sets
SafetyStrip Lancet
LuproLoc Safety Prefilled Syringe
SecureLoc Safety Introducer Needle

Sterimatic Ltd
Sterimatic Self-Sheathing Syringe
Serimataic Safety Blood Collection Needle [not available in U.S.]

Streck ESR-Vacuum Tube Safety Coated Blood Collection Tubes

Surgical Specialties Corporation
MSP Saf-T-Pass Retractable Scalpel

SurgiLance Safety Lancet

SuturTek Incorporated
SuturTek 360° Fascia Closure Device

Swann-Morton Limited
Swann-Morton Disposable Scalpel with Retractable Blade

Syneture - U.S. Surgical
Auto Suture Endo Stitch 10 mm Suturing Device
Indermil Topical Adhesive for Alternative Closure Methods
Protect Point Blunt Point Needles
     BGS Series
     BP Series
     BTP, BTV, BGST Blunt Taper Series

Terumo Medical Corp.
SurGuard Safety Allergy Syringe
SurGuard Safety Insulin Syringe
SurGuard2 Safety Syringe
Surshield Safety Winged Infusion Sets
Surshield Safety Winged Blood Collection Set
Teruflex Blood Bag System with Blood Sampling Arm

Tri-State Hospital Supply Corporation
Centurion Uni-Guard Piggy Back Connector

Univec, Inc.
Univec Sliding Sheath
Bifurcated Safety Needle

Venetec International
StatLock Securement System

Vital Signs, Inc.
Vital Signs Sure-Lok Sheath

Wall Precision Instruments LLC
CDT Speculum (Channel Directed Tympanocentesis Speculum) for use as an otoscopic accessory for tympanocentesis

West Pharmaceutical Services
ConfiDose Auto-Injector System
Needleless Transfer Device (NTD) for rapid reconstitution
Vial Adapter

Westmed, Inc.
Pulset ABG Syringe (with three options for needle protection: the Crickett, Grasshopper or SafetyTip needle covers)

Whizard Protective Wear
The Whizard Liner Glove