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Presentations and training by Ginger Parker

EPINet training workshops in Egypt:
- Protecting Health Care Workers, Preventing Needlestick Injuries and Occupational Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure: EPINet Surveillance System Regional Planning Workshop and Training of Trainers. Sponsored by Cairo University Hospitals in cooperation with the World Health Organization and the U.S. National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. Cairo, Egypt; July 12-14, 2010.
- Protecting Health Care Workers, Preventing Needlestick Injuries and Occupational Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure: EPINet Surveillance System. Sponsored by Alexandria University Hospitals. Alexandria, Egypt; July 17-18, 2010.

EPINet training workshop at Second Regional Encounter for Latin America and the Caribbean on Protection of Healthcare Workers. Co-sponsored by the Pan-American Health Organization (WHO) and the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (CDC). Bogata, Columbia; April 26-29, 2010.

EPINet training sponsored by Colombian Ministry of Health and Social Protection, in conjunction with Pan American Health Organization, the World Health Organization, and National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. December 1-2:  trained representatives from 18 hospitals from the Antioquia Hospitals Network in Medellin, Colombia. December 3-4: trained representatives from 22 hospitals from the Bogota Public Hospitals in Bogata, Colombia.

EPINet training workshop at First Regional Meeting for Latin America and the Caribbean on Health Protection for Healthcare Workers. Meeting co-sponsored by the PAHO, WHO, and NIOSH, in collaboration with the Instituto de Altos Estudios de Salud "Dr. Arnoldo Gabaldon," Venezuelan Ministry of Health. Maracay, Venezuela; September 22-24, 2009.

EPINet training workshop. Occupational Safety Center for Healthcare Workers, Biamba Marie Mutombo Hospital. Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo; August 19-21, 2009.

EPINet training at Regional Planning Workshop and Training of Trainers: Preventing Needlestick Injuries and Occupational Bloodborne Pathogen Exposures; EPINet Surveillance Program (sponsored by World Health Organization). King Saud Bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia; August 15-18, 2009.

"Safety-Engineered Devices"; "Tracking of Occupational Injuries in Healthcare Using the EPINet System." Open Health Institute; 7th OHI Summer School. Moscow, Russia, July 12, 2007.

"EPINet and its use in Africa to reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS." Chemonics, Inc. Washington, DC; March 1, 2006.

"Emerging Markets: EPINet." Presentation at BD Worldwide Meeting - Immunization & Curative Safety. Whippany, NJ; February 17, 2005.

Breakfast symposium on EPINet sponsored by BD. Australian Infection Control Association 3rd Biennial Conference. Hobart, Australia; June 9-11, 2004.

"Access EPINet," APIC 2002. Nashville, TN, May 10-13, 2002.

"Access EPINet," Canadian Needlestick Surveillance Network (CNSSN). Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, February 10-13, 2002.

"Generating and Interpreting EPINet reports," PHTS Risk Managers Conference, Columbia, SC, October 10-13, 2001.

"Access EPINet," Richmond-Area Infection Control Nurses. Richmond, VA; May 18, 2001.

"Using EPINet to Track Occupational Exposures," with Wendy Gallart of BD. Sharps Injury Prevention Conference. Great Neck, NY; March 12, 2001.

"Using Access EPINet in Developing Countries." Department of Geographic and International Medicine, University of Virginia. Charlottesville, VA; February 20, 2001.

"Safety Issues and Infusion Therapy." Intravenous Nurses Society training seminar. Orlando, FL; November 3, 2000.

"EPINet Surveillance Workshop: Tracking and Reporting Blood Exposures in Your Hospital" (with Janine Jagger). Preconference Professional Development Seminar, Frontline Healthcare Workers Safety Foundation National Conference. Washington, DC; August 6, 2000.

*In addition to the above talks, Ginger has given numerous booth demonstrations of EPINet at professional conferences, conducted on-site EPINet training at individual healthcare facilities in the U.S., and traveled to other countries to assist with the adaptation of EPINet for national sharps injury data collection programs.