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    Ginger Parker, M.B.A.
   EPINet Statistical Analyst


   B.A., Clemson University
   M.B.A., Auburn University


Ginger Parker, M.B.A, is statistical analyst and director of the EPINet database and related EPINet activities at the International Healthcare Worker Safety Center.  She coordinates communications with the healthcare facilites that participate in the Center's data-sharing network, and provides technical assistance to network and other hospitals that use EPINet.  During 2000-2001, Ginger spearheaded the development and coordinated the release of Access EPINet, the latest and most user-friendly version of EPINet.  Working closely with programmers, Ginger spent hundreds of hours developing both a U.S. and international version of Access EPINet, testing various iterations, and eliminating problems in the program.  In collaboration with other Center staff, she wrote the user's manual for Access EPINet.

Ginger has also developed version of EPINet for specialized clinical areas: EPINet for the dialysis setting was released in 2001, and Access/EPINet-OR for Operating Rooms was introduced at the APIC 2002 conference in Nashville, TN.

Ginger has worked closely with colleages in the Japan, U.K., Ireland, Uruguay, Belgium, Sweeden, Canada, Mexico and many other countries to develop customized versiions of the EPINet surveillance program.  She lectures and conducts EPINet training nationally and internationally.