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Presentations by Elayne K. Phillips 

Webinar: "Healthcare workers and sharps injuries: Understanding the risks, requirements and recommendations." July 29, 2010; sponsored by BD.

"Comparison of Mexico and U.S. EPINet sharps injury surveillance data: opportunities for prevention" [poster session]. Fifth Decennial International Conference on Healthcare-Associated Infections. Co-sponsored by Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. March 19, 2010; Atlanta, GA. 

"Safety at the end of the waste stream: occupational injuries among hospital auxiliary workers"; "Unsafe misconceptions about the performance of safety-engineered needles." American Public Health Association annual meeting; Philadelphia, PA: November 9-11, 2009.

"Global standard for health care worker safety." Health Care Worker Safety Forum (sponsored by BD China). Hainan Island, China; October 30, 2009. 

"Towards a global safety standard to protect healthcare workers from bloodborne pathogen exposures." Opening ceremonies, Occupational Safety Center for Healthcare Workers, Biamba Marie Mutombo Hospital, Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo; August 21-27, 2009.

"Risk of Bloodborne Pathogen Transmission among Zambian Healthcare Workers." University of Virginia School of Medicine Faculty Research. Charlottesville, February 2009.

Perry J, Phillips EK (2008 October). "Sharps Injuries and Bloodborne Pathogen Infection Risk to Housekeeping  and Laundry Workers." National Summit of Clinicians for Healthcare Justice. Washington, DC; October 24, 2008. 

Phillips, EK (August 2008). Poster session - Priority on prevention: Risk of bloodborne pathogen transmission among Zambian healthcare workers. (Study co-authors: Simwale O, Phillips EK, Bloom I, Chung M, Johnson C, Munga S, Semanik M, Jagger J.) XVII International AIDS Conference, Mexico City; August 3-8, 2008.

Phillips, EK (2008, February) "Toward a Global Standard for Health Care Worker Production: Miles to Go."  44th UVA Medical Alumni Annual Meeting, Hot Springs, VA.

Phillips EK, Jagger J (2007 November). "Health care worker risk of bloodborne pathogen transmission: An American public health success story." American Public Health Association, Washington, DC.

Phillips EK, Jagger J, Owusu-Ofori A (2007 August). "Blood exposure risk to African surgeons." Association of Surgeons of South Africa, Sun City, South Africa.

Phillips, EK (2007 August) "Bloodborne pathogen risk among nurses: baseline and surveillance."  South African Society of Occupational Health Nurses, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Phillips EK, Jagger J (2007 June) "Expecting the unexpected: nurses' role in surveillance and injury prevention." Annual Meeting of the International Council of Nurses.Yokohama, Japan.