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Volume 5, Number 5, 2001 (released April 2001)

· Perry J, Parker G, Jagger J. "Percutaneous Injuries in the Dialysis Setting" (pp. 49, 54-55). EPINet data show that the types of exposures sustained by dialysis workers are more likely to involve large-bore, blood-filled needles, and are therefore more likely to transmit bloodborne pathogens, than exposures sustained by non-dialysis workers. Six years of data from 84 hospitals is analyzed to understand more about percutaneous injuries in dialysis settings.

· Perry J. "OSHA Revises Bloodborne Pathogens Standard: Federal Agency Affirms Need for Safer Devices to Prevent Needlesticks" (pp. 51, 55). OSHA published a revised Bloodborne Pathogens standard on 1/18/01, as mandated by the Needlestick Safety and Prevention Act. This article discusses the revised standard and what it requires, and includes excerpts from OSHA’s commentary on the revised standard explaining in detail what revisions were made and why.

· Perry J. "GAO Releases Cost/Benefit Analysis of Safer Needle Devices" (pp. 50, 58). Discusses report from U.S. Government Accounting Office that estimates the cost of needlestick injuries nationally and the potential savings from use of needlestick prevention devices.

· Parker G. "New Version of EPINet Released: Meets Recordkeeping Requirements of Revised Bloodborne Pathogens Standard." Describes the new features of Access/EPINet, which is the most recent version of the EPINet program for tracking needlesticks and blood exposures.

· Chen LBY, Bailey E, Kogan G, Finkelstein LE, Mendelson MH. "Prevention of Needlestick Injuries in Healthcare Workers: 27-Month Experience with a Resheathable ‘Safety’ Winged Steel Needle Using CDC NaSH Database." (Abstract)

· Perry J. "Cal/OSHA Letter on Reuse of Blood Tube Holders" (pp. 59). Discusses issue of reuse of blood tube holders and includes letter from Cal/OSHA on this subject.