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AEP Index

Volume 5, Number 1, 2000

Pugliese G, Bartley J. "Federal OSHA's Revised Compliance Directive: What Will Compliance Officers Look For?" (pp. 1,8,10). Discusses highlights of federal OSHA's revised compliance directive for the 1991 Bloodborne Pathogens Standard, including the definition of "engineering controls," requirements for an exposure control plan, and issues such as evaluation of devices and injury logs. Concludes with an "action plan" for health care facilities.

AEP Now Offers CEU/CME Credit, p. 2.

Perry J. "Tough Questions for OSHA About the Revised Compliance Directive" (pp. 3-4). The International Health Care Worker Safety Center submitted a list of detailed questions about the revised compliance directive to OSHA. We got answers to some questions; others we did not. The article first discusses the questions that were not answered, and suggests that responses will likely be worked out in the course of applying the new directive. It then goes on to present the answers we did receive from OSHA, to questions such as "Do you recommend that employers conduct an immediate audit of their exposure control plans?"

"Our Web Site Can Help You Comply" (p. 4). Discusses the resources available on the web site of the International Health Care Worker Safety Center to help health care facilities optimize their level of compliance with OSHA's revised directive.

Perry J. "The Push Towards Safety: Manufacturers Respond to Changes in Regulatory and Legislative Climate" (pp. 5-6). Discusses impact of the recent state and federal legislative and regulatory changes on the safety needle market. What are companies doing to respond to the surge in demand for sharps safety products? How will the increase in demand effect prices?

Perry J. "New Jersey Passes Strong Needlestick Prevention Legislation; Many Other States Have Legislation Pending" (p. 7). Provides an overview of New Jersey's new legislation, and an update on the status of legislation in other states.

"OSHA Compliance Directive: Q&A with Gina Pugliese, RN, MS" (p. 9). Gina Pugliese, a noted expert on OSHA's bloodborne pathogens standard, answers questions about the revised compliance directive, such as "How does a hospital know if it is in compliance?" and "How will a compliance officer determine if one device is more effective than another?"

"An Index to EPINet Articles Printed in AEP, 1994-1999" (p. 10).

"Health Care Workers with Documented and Possible Occupationally Acquired AIDS/HIV Infection (U.S. through June 1999) (p. 11). Latest CDC statistics.

"All About EPINet: EPINet for Windows Now Available" (p. 11).