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AEP Index

Volume 4, Number 2

Jagger, J, Bentley, M. "Safe Disposal of Safety Devices." 1999 AEP 4(2) 13, 17, 24. Although the transition from conventional needles to safer needle devices is underway, much work still needs to be done. Data clearly show that the introduction of protective devices achieves impressive reductions in needlestick injury rates. Needlestick injuries, nevertheless, cannot be entirely eliminated until needles and sharp devices are completely removed from the clinical environment.

Tereskerz, PM, Pearson, R, Jagger, J. "Institutional Liability for Needlestick Injury." 1999 AEP 4(2) 14. Discusses a 1997 court decision which found Yale University School of Medicine negligent in its training of a first-year resident who sustained HIV after being stuck by a needle when treating an AIDS patient.

Perry, J. "California's Transition to Safety Devices: what will be the impact on device manufacturers?" 1999 AEP Considers the generally favorable reponse of California hospitals to recent major regulatory changes intended to increase production for employees from needlestick and sharps injuries. Discusses the likelihood that other states will adopt similar measures and the impact that such legislation might have on safety device manufacturers.

"Index to AEP, Volume 3." Insert.

Dale, JL, Pruett, SK, Maker, MD. "Accidental Needlesticks in the Phlebotomy Service of the Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology at Mayo Clinic Rochester." AEP 4(2) 19-23. Examines the decline in needlestick injury rates at the Mayo Clinic after the implementation of certain safety procedures and the introduction of special safety training of medical personnel. Considers shortcomings of recently developed devices and programs, which underscore the need for continued improvement in safety measures for health care workers.