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AEP Index

Volume 4, Number 1

Perry, JL. "California Leads the Way with Health Care Worker Safety Law." 1999 AEP 4(1), 1,4-5. Discusses a law pased in California in September 1998 which requires health care facilities to purchase needles designed to prevent needlesticks and considers the coalition of organizations which supported the bill. Experts agree that the bill will spur similar laws throughout the country. Includes excerpts from the bill.

Fraser, VJ. "After the Needlestick." 1999 AEP 4(1), 8-10. Urges health care organizations to implement fully-planned programs to manage the follow-up of health care workers exposed to contaminated sharps or blood. Describes the blood and body exposure control program in effect at BJC Healthcare System in St. Louis. Discusses their methods for tracking incidents, developing protocols, gathering information from and disseminating information to workers,increasing the pool of people who are capable of managing post-exposure prohylaxis, and offers recommendations on handling barriers that may hinder the operation of such a system.

"Estimated Number of U.S. Occupational Percutaneous Injuries and Mucocutaneous Exposures to Blood or At-Risk Biological Substances." 1999 AEP 4(1), 3. Presents figures calculated from 1996 EPINet data.

"Needlestick Prevention Recommendations Included in 1999 Congressional Budget Bill." 1999 AEP 4(1), 7. Discusses the federal budget bill signed by President Clinton which included recommendations addressing the issue of health care worker exposures to bloodborne pathogens."