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AEP Index

Volume 3, Number 6

Jagger, J., Bentley, M., Tereskerz, PM. "SPECIAL REPORT: Patterns and Prevention of Blood Exposures in Operating Room Personnel: A Multi-Center Study." 1998 AEP 3(6) 61, 63-71. Discusses the findings of a collaborative research initiave of the International health Care Worker safety Center and the Association of Operating Room Nurses (OARN), the purpose of which is to build a descriptive multi-center database to be used as a foundation for identifying the causes of exposure to bloodborne pathogens and promoting successful prevention measures in the surgical setting. The study involved six hospitals and was designed to answer the following questions: 1. What types of surgical devices and circumstances are associated with exposures, given a large enough number of cases to reveal product-specific exposure patterns, and 2. What unique exposure profiles are associated with various operating room personnel?

Bentley, M. "EPINet Report: Injuries from Huber Needles." 1998 AEP 3(6) 62. Analyzes and tabulates data concerning Huber needles, injuries involving which have increased since 1993.