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AEP Index

Volume 3, Number 5

Jagger J., Bentley M., Perry J. 1998 AEP 3(5) 49, 54. "Glass Capillary Tubes: Eliminating an Unnecessary Risk to Health Care Workers." Argues that microbore glass capillary tubes cause numerous injuries to health care workers, particularly when the workers attempt to seal the fragile tubes. The Center recommends that the use of microbore glass capillary tubes be immediately discontinued and enjoins manufacturers and distributors to assist in the discontinuation of the use of such tubes.

Perry J. 1998 AEP 3(5) 50, 56. "New Government Guidelines and Reports on Prevention & Management of Occupational Exposures." Summarizes new government guidelines affecting the prevention and management of occupational exposures to bloodborne pathogens and points to additional sources of information about these measures.

Tereskerz P. "Legal Implications of Needlestick Injuries." 1998 AEP 3(5) 51-52, 57-59. Despite the prevalence on the market of safety devices which significantly reduce needlestick injury rates, legal factors continue to hinder the widespread adoption of such devices by health care institutions. This article discusses these legal factors and suggests possible remedies.

Perry J. "Exposure Prevention and Surveillance in Australia." 1998 AEP 3(5) 53, 56, 60. Discusses the benefits of strong local and national government participation in the prevention of occupational exposures and the surveillance of bloodborne pathogens in Australia.