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AEP Index

Volume 1, Number 6

Cohen ML, Frontline Healthcare Workers: National Conference on Prevention of Sharps Injuries and Bloodborne Exposures: History and Highlights. AEP. 1995:1 (6) 1-2. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienist co-sponsored the Frontline Health Care Workers Conference in Atlanta on August 14,15,16, 1995.

Benson JS. Making Medical Devices Safer: Obstacles and Opportunities. AEP. 1995: 1 (6) 3-4. At the "Frontline Health Care Workers" conference in Atlanta, Mr. Benson, Senior Vice President of Health Industry Manufacturers Association, gave a speech on the forces limiting the availability of safety devices in the health care work place and discusses ways to overcome these barriers. This article is adapted from that speech.

Abstracts from Frontline Health Care Workers Conference. AEP. 1995: 1 (6) 4, 10.

Hankin, Roger, L., B.S., M.B.A. Guest Commentary. AEP. 1995: 1 (6) 5, 11. Mr. Hankin, who was the marketing manager at Becton Dickinson and Company and was instrumental in the introduction of health care worker safety devices there, comments on "Disposal-Related Sharp-Object Injuries, the lead article in the July/August 1995 issue of AEP..

Safety Products Update. AEP. 1995:1 (6) 6-7. Illustration of various safety devices, including Retracting Lancets, Safety Syringes, Plastic Blood Collection Tubes, Zerowet Splashshield, and Safety Adapters.

Exposure Prevention in France: Study Group on the Risk of Blood Exposures (GERES). AEP. 1995:1 (6) 8. In France, the Group d’Etude sure le risque d’exposition au Saung (GERES) conducts epidemiological research, develops training programs, and evaluates medical products in hospitals, with the goals of reducing transmission of blood borned pathogens among French health care workers.

Jasmin M. Moi, Marie Jasmin. AEP. 1995: 1 (6) 9. Marie Jasmine tells her story of contracting AIDS as a home nurse treating an AIDS patient.

Evaluating Needlestick Prevention Technology: A Forum. AEP. 1995:1 (6) 10. Linda Chiarello, who wrote the article "Evaluation of Needlestick Prevention Technology: A Perspective from the New York State Pilot Study Experience" in the July/Augst 1995 issue of AEP, answers a question concerning what do to with mixed results from a hospital pilot test of a safety product.

EPINet Forum. AEP. 1995: 1 (6) 12, 11. Answers the question: "What is the correct way to calculate needlestick rates?"